Summer solstice solo hike + All Day I Dream festival

Hey you guys! This past weekend hit my happy spot as I spent almost every waking minute in the sunny outdoors. There was a good mix of relaxation vs. partying, and being social vs. plenty of “me” time. Let’s get into it:

Friday: Summer solstice solo hike

Last week of work was absolutely crazy. I feel like for the first time I got a true sense of what my new-ish career path will look like: it’s exciting, challenging, and straight up madness. Despite the craziness, I ended the week feeling very proud and fulfilled, and in desperate need of some time alone. I had so much on my mind and figured a solo hike in the Presidio was the perfect activity for Friday evening. Also, it was the summer solstice, so what better way to honor it than to spend time in nature?

I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful evening. It was warm with clear skies…I got to the peak right at sunset and soaked it all in.

It was up there! I couldn’t get a picture without crazy wind hair!

Saturday: All day I dream festival

The highlight of the weekend was on Saturday. Anna and I found a party hosted by one of the Burning Man camps, similar to the white party we went to a few months ago. The event had live deep house DJs, vendors, food trucks, yoga…all being outdoors in Golden Gate Park on the beautiful day. Anna and I had been looking forward to this for weeks and the day was finally here!

The festival started off with an opening ceremony under the most gorgeous structure filled with lanterns, flowers…they hosted a yoga session and chakra sound healing bath. Some wholesome activity before entering a non-wholesome day ๐Ÿ˜›

After the opening ceremony, we got to partying! Anna and I eased into the festival with some aรงaรญ bowls and chilling on our picnic blanket. The festival had the perfect balance of open space to chill and a poppin’ dance floor to party.

We had a blast shopping different vendors as all the clothing and accessories had a very burning man-esque vibe. As we were shopping, I ran into several friends from the Kava Lounge. Out of all my friends groups in SF, I figured the free-spirited kava peeps would be the people who I’d see here :P. I was especially happy to see my friend Guy who works at kava. We’ve been friends for a few months now and he instantly clicked with Anna too. Before we knew it, our group of 2 turned into 3!

The next few hours were my favorite of the day. Guy, Anna and I enjoyed the music and tore up the dance floor. I loved that everyone at the festival was wearing whatever they wanted, acting in their free spirit with no judgement. It was a VERY San Francisco event, and makes me want to go to Burning Man SO bad! The music + the energy = good vibes all around.

I’m so glad to have Anna in San Francisco. There’s no other person I have such a blast with at the diversity of events that we go to – from bar crawls in the Mission, to hikes, to weekend trips, to movie nights at home, and to these Burning Man events too…I knew the whole day would be so much fun spending it with Anna, and it all lived up to our hype!

After the festival, the three of us chilled a little bit at Anna’s apartment and a nearby bar where Ben joined us too. Then we decided to continue the fun at the festival’s after party at Great Northern. The after party had the same bumpin’ music as earlier. Overall, a super fun day but it was pretty exhausting as we were basically dancing/partying for 12 hours straight! I really needed a day like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sunday: Lazy Sunday

Sunday started off on the slow side. I woke up in Anna’s apartment since I needed to crash there after losing my keys the night before #degeneratelife.

When I got home in the morning, I spent some time with my roommate and bummed around watching The Office. Then I figured I should get my butt off and enjoy the another day outside as it was a rare day that hit the 70s. I walked over the Alamo Square, plopped down on my picnic blanket, and napped + read my book.

The evening ended with spending time at Kava Lounge, where Guy was working a shift. It was nice to see him and recap how much fun we had the night before. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m bracing myself for this upcoming week as I’ll be traveling to the east coast for work. Things are going to be pretty crazy so I’m basically in “let’s get it done” mode for the next 5 days. Hope you all have a fab one!

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