Open, spontaneous weekend + Treasure Island flea market + Pride parade

And just like that, it’s Monday and another summer weekend has flown by! Last week I was on the road for work in D.C. It was pretty hectic and filled with meetings + drinks/dinners + lots of time on the airplane…the good part was getting to soak in the warm summer on the east coast and good quality time with my work peeps 🙂

By Friday, I was completely exhausted and SO ready to chill. I had absolutely nothing planned for Friday and Saturday which would normally cause me to anxiously search for plans, but for the first time in a looong time I was 100% okay with the quietness and excited to see how the weekend would unfold. Of course, it did NOT end up being a quiet weekend (as usual) but all the fun events happened so naturally that the weekend left my soul rejuvenated after a stressful week.

Friday night was spent at my secret spot. A few bowls of kava + catching up with Josh (one of my closest friends from kava). Every time I’m with Josh, our conversation is so fun and fresh and leaves my abs hurting from so much laughter. 🙂

Saturday started on the early side after a full night’s sleep and a refreshing morning run, just what I needed. I had a whole day ahead to fill so I decided to do something that’s been on my mind for a while: I downloaded Scoot (an app that supplies motorbikes in SF), went through the 30-minute online orientation, and tried it out. I took the bike out into the Presidio for a nice scenic drive. After learning how to ride a motorbike in the Philippines, I’ve been dying to get back on again – it was so nice to hop back on! All I can say is…thank GOD I learned how to ride the bike abroad, as SF streets are pretty crazy and filled with terrible drivers!

After my morning on the bike, I hit up Rene to see what she was up to. She had a friend in town and was heading to the Treasure Island flea market and invited me along. I just love the flea market at Treasure Island – it’s probably my favorite in the city. I went a little overboard buying new crystals for my room and desk at work.

Rene’s friend was visiting from LA, also named Charlotte (which got confusing, ha). We instantly clicked as we shared our life stories and realized how much we had in common. We were basically the same person. I really like Charlotte a lot!!

After Treasure Island, I brought the girls to Kava Lounge where we chilled on the couches over some drinks. I was really happy that the two of them loved my favorite spot too.

After Rene and Charlotte left, I stayed there longer and surprisedly ran into Guy. I was super happy to see him and we spent a few hours hanging out and joking around over bowls of kava. We had such a good time that we even went out to dinner in the area afterwards. Before I knew it, it was midnight and time to call it – what a day! Starting off with absolutely nothing planned and turning into such a fun time. I just loved how the entire day unfolded and the free spiritedness that comes with living in a city like SF. 🙂

Sunday was the pride parade. This was my 3rd year doing pride in SF – the birthplace of pride – and it’s always one of the funnest, most festive days of the year. Sarah got the whole gang together and we marched with her university. The parade was pretty long, mostly waiting in line to march, but our group had a blast drinking beer, dancing to the music, joking around and being out in the sun.

Our group had such a blast together, but we broke apart right after the parade since we all had to use the bathroom SO bad, ha! I ended the day chilling at kava again (surprise, surprise) and skyping with my friend Gideon who I met backpacking in Colombia last year :).

A fabulous weekend to cap off the hectic month of June. Life has been moving 100 mph…but I feel at peace with the madness. Looking at my calendar, I have a feeling July is going to be even crazier than this past month, but I’m excited for all there is to come and wouldn’t change a thing ❤

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