Settled with chaos + random shenanigans of my week

Hi friends! Hope you all had a great weekend filled with relaxing summer fun 🙂

My intention last week was to slow things down, take time to reflect and transition back to life after my Philippines trip. I feel centered and happy with the reflection (see my last post!) and feel like I’m present with my life in SF again. But as far slowing down…that has yet to happen, ha. Every day this week was packed with activity: happy hours, dinners, parties, cheering on the Warriors in the NBA finals…

Through all the craziness, I think I’ve gotten back into the groove in that I’ve just become okay with this chaos. I feel grateful for all fun things happening and all there is to look forward to, and I’ve accepted that instead of fighting it, I should just enjoy the ride. I even incorporated several runs + yoga into my week, which usually only happens when I’m back in a routine, so I think my body is adjusting to this crazy equilibrium as well!

On Tuesday, Anna spontaneously invited me and Princess to check out a free jazz festival in Hayes Valley. We caught the tail-end of the beautiful heat wave in SF and the whole neighborhood was out-and-about enjoying the live music and drinks. Anna and I both noted how it felt like summer in Williamsburg, Brooklyn!

Later in the week, Sophie, Kim and I caught up over drinks and dinner for the first time since Sophie’s birthday in May. All three of us have been busy bees and we had so much to catch up on. The dinner ended on a fun note as we all booked flights to LA for a weekend in August! The idea just came up and we were all riding the same spontaneous wave (a.k.a. alcohol…) and now we have a girls trip to look forward to!

Friday evening, Artur and I met up for a short film festival at his friend’s community house in NoPa. I thought I was going into a chill movie night, but the whole night ended up being full of shenanigans. The house looked straight like a French mansion in the 1600s. So beautiful, enormous, and it was fascinating observing this chaotic, inclusive community space. I couldn’t help but ask endless questions to the housemates on how 30 people could coexist in this space!

Artur and I had a great time getting lost in the house, hanging out the rooftop and the bonfire in the backyard, and linking up with some of the housemates. We all had such a great time together that Artur and I took them back to Kava Lounge to hang out some more until closing. A very unexpectedly fun evening filled with new friends + Artur!

Saturday came around. The highlight of the day was going over to Julian’s new apartment in Pacific Heights for a barbecue housewarming. Viggy, Karan, and several friends from that circle were there as well, so it was nice to see a lot of familiar faces and meet some new ones too. The more I hang out with this crew, the easier I feel it is to expand since everyone is connected in some way. I randomly met people from my old job, NYC acquaintances, my college classmates…such a small world here.

By the time Sunday came around, I was pretty exhausted. I had a chill day planned with a long-time friend from the Kava Lounge. We’ve spent so much time at the spot but never hung out outside of it, so we decided to venture out and spend the day at Golden Gate Park. The weather was back to being cold & foggy SF, but we had a blast exploring all the nooks and crannies of the park. We hiked up trails, walked around the lake, spent time in the Japanese Tea Garden…usually when I’m in the park, I don’t venture off the main running park. This opened my eyes to how much beauty there is in SF if you look for it!

A picture to show how cold it was in SF…how is it turtleneck + boots weather in June?!

That’s all I have from my week! How was yours?! 🙂

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