Finding inner peace during a social week

Happy February! Doesn’t the daunting feeling of starting the new year + little sunlight makes January feel so long? Despite this, I feel like I’m in a great mental & emotional spot after getting through the grind of January. So many changes happened towards the end of last year that I really needed a whole month in SF after the holidays to settle into my new routine, including my new job and marathon training, while also navigating how to spend my free time…and I’m feeling great about it all!

After Christine’s visit right after my Catalina trip last week, I was pretty pooped and wanted to be antisocial for a few days…but one thing piled on top of another and every evening last week had something fun going on! Lots of dinners after work + catching up with friends/old coworkers + seeing Rene’s new apartment in the Haight…even though it felt a bit hectic, I’m always more happy when I over-fill my schedule rather than regret under-filling it. 🙂

My favorite activity of the week was with Artur and some of our friends from the Kava Lounge – we went to a sound bath at Grace Cathedral. It was so relaxing as the instrumentalists filled the space with soothing, ambient sounds…I kept my eyes closed the entire time and the music helped guide the meditation. I remember scoot-ing home afterwards and felt a strong sense of inner-peace which I felt carried with me throughout the week. Such a unique experience; I definitely want to seek out more of these sound healing events in SF!

Following this peaceful high, I carved out time each morning before work (on top of my morning runs!) to eat breakfast at home and read my new book (The Geography of Bliss – if you love travel + psychology, I highly recommend!). I loved squeezing in this additional “me time” before the hustle and bustle of work.

When the weekend finally hit, I decided to keep things low-key to balance out my social week. Saturday I checked off my long run and did some shopping in the Haight.

Then I spent the afternoon at Kava Lounge. It was a rainy weekend in SF and so hole-ing up with my book felt so cozy and just what I needed.

Sunday was the Super Bowl! Julian hosted a party at his apartment and went all out with cooking wings, brisket and even homemade pizza. It was such fun time with old friends and some new ones too. Perfect way to end my low-key weekend.

Have a brilliant week, my friends!!!

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