5 random thoughts for week 5 of marathon training + next half marathon!

Week 5 of training, check! I thought I’d dedicate a whole post to training this week since I’ve accumulated some randomness in my brain from training the past few weeks and wanted to share with you all.

1. Voice memos with Michelle: Me and my best friend, Michelle, are experts at long distance friendships – we keep in touch via daily voice memos (yes…daily; we have a lot of feelings). It’s perfect for us since we can find our own time everyday to “spend time with each other,” as we say :).

Lately we’ve been on a groove of Michelle listening/recording memos while she gets ready in the mornings from NYC, and then by the time I wake up in SF I can listen to it on my morning runs. I’ve been LOVING running to these memos since they liven up my usual music/podcasts, plus it’s much more entertaining sharing the gossip in our lives. What better way to spend time with my best friend than doing my favorite activity.

2. The sun always rises

After a string of a few rainy weeks in SF, we’ve been #blessed with some sun finally! And that means some phenomenal sunrises that seriously take my breath away.

As I was running this week, watching the sky transform from pitch black to the beautiful sunny sky, I was reminded that the sun will always rise. No matter what you’re going through in life, in good and difficult times, I think it’s important to remember that. Time will move on, you will heal, just as the sun will always come up. ❤️

3. Differences this time around: second run is better + more energy and uplifting mood

There have been some notable differences in my body reacting to training time around…

First off, during back-to-back training days, the second day’s runs have been feeling BETTER than the first day. Usually it’s a given that the second day is worse-off, as first run should feel much better with fresh legs, but this time around it feels like the first day my legs are stiff and heavy and then they “warm up” by the second day. I’ve even done some triple back-to back runs (which I really try to avoid, but sometimes can’t avoid with my schedule), and even the THIRD runs have been been going fine! Very odd…

Secondly, I was a little nervous about this training cycle since this was the one with my new job where I have to be in the office 5 days a week. Before with my mostly remote job, I could run in the middle of the day, take naps, have access to food at home…etc. I was nervous about balancing my work schedule with training, but I must say, the new work routine has actually been HELPING my running, and vice versa!

Running in the mornings (versus caffeinated afternoon runs at my old job) = I feel energized and refreshed going into work, which means I drink less coffee, which creates this refreshing cycle of energy throughout my day. I’m also more patient and positive throughout the day from morning runs.

It’s really inspiring seeing such a drastic change in my mood and energy from training, which I haven’t experience to this degree in any other training cycle. I’m excited to see how more my life will improve throughout this cycle – it’s only week 5 after all!

4. Cliff protein bars

I don’t eat a lot of meat. Ever since I was little, meat grossed me out, and so I’m always struggling to find sources of protein – my favorites are soy milk, tofu and eggs, but that’s usually not enough for marathon training. I recently bought these mint chocolate Clif protein bars from Costco and they are AMAZING! They’re probably not the healthiest as they’re packed with sugar, but they have lots of protein and have been my go-to post-workout breakfast this week.

5. My next race!

Like tradition, I wanted to race a local half marathon week 8 of training, since I have a 13-mile long run on the plan that week. I considered branching out and racing an out-of-towner or even a trail half marathon, but after looking at the different options, I’m pretty stuck on my tried-and-true routine with racing a local road half…

And so…my narrow-mindedness came with not many options to choose from, and so I registered for the Victory Half Marathon in Richmond, CA on Feb 23rd!!! It’s only an hour drive from my apartment and the perfect, flat, scenic, road half marathon.

I love doing a race halfway through the cycle to gage my fitness level and build up some racing excitement for the marathon. Plus historically, all my half marathon PRs have come from this mid-cycle race. My focus will be on full marathon training, and so I won’t taper or anything special before the half 🙂

Week 5 of marathon training

Monday: REST

Tuesday: 3 miles (10:54 pace). Really tough run. Going on what I wrote above, first day back at running = my legs were super stiff and energy just felt off…I felt like no matter how hard I pushed I just could not pick up my heavy legs any higher or faster.

Wednesday: 5 miles (10:07 pace). Felt much better than yesterday! Got more sleep last night so energy was on point and legs felt “warmed up” from yesterday.

Thursday: 60-minute yoga class. I had 4 miles on the plan but swapped it for a yoga class instead. I use to feel bad about skipping training runs, and maybe it’s a part of growing in age that has taught me how important it is to listen to your body. I was craving yoga/stretching all week so this felt right to me.

Friday: REST

Saturday: 9 miles (10:00 pace). I woke up dreading this run since last week’s long run didn’t go so well, but this run restored my confidence. Felt strong, steady and positive throughout, and it was like my legs had a mind of their own and they picked up the pace miles 3-7.

Sunday: 75-minute yoga class with Kim


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