Long winter + redecorating project + hot pot madness + football Sunday + week 1 and 2 of marathon training

Happy Monday!

It’s been RAIN.com over here! Even though this is my second winter in SF, it feels like there is 10x more rain this year. I usually don’t get seasonal depression but if this keeps up (which the forecasts seem to suggest…), it’s gonna be a looong winter.

A few things have been keeping my mood up. 1) Scooting to work! The fresh air in the morning (even in the drizzle) = instant positive energy. And on top of scooting, 2) running! I’m probably sounding like a broken record, but I’ve been absolutely loving my morning runs. You know you’re a morning person when the highlight of your day looks like this:

The social calendar was pretty packed this weekend. It started off with a long run feat. the beautiful sun sneaking up for a bit.

Followed by a walk around the Marina with a cup of Philz coffee. Philz is my favorite coffee in SF but super packed with calories, so I usually reserve it as a weekend treat ๐Ÿ™‚

I spent a good chunk of the weekend designing/redecorating my bedroom. I had a brilliant idea to create a floor-seating common area filled with comfty bohemian-pillows…and so I impulsively sold all my furniture over the weekend and now I’m left with filling my room again! I’m pretty excited about this project. For too long, I’ve filled all my different apartments (from NYC to SF) with things that I thought adults “should” have, and then I realized life is too short to not live in the environment you want to live in! I can’t wait to update you guys with the final product when it’s ready ๐Ÿ™‚

Princess just finished her masters degree, and so a whole crew of us celebrated with hot pot. This picture doesn’t do our dinner justice…it was all-you-can-eat and we went completely overboard. They had to haul extra tables just to fit all the food we ordered…it was madness!

Kim, Sophie and I met for brunch in Hayes Valley. We caught another few hours of sun and took full advantage, sitting outside with our coffees and catching up on our weeks.

Lastly, football Sunday! Flashback to last year when me and the “fam” watched football together every Sunday. This season I haven’t been keeping up as much, but we all got together on Sunday to watch the Eagles game – we all caught up on our holidays and it was a sweet little reunion.

That’s all from my week. How was yours?!


Marathon training has officially kicked off!! These first two weeks have been the smoothest first weeks of training I’ve ever been through. I think a big part of it is due to the fact that mentally, I am just so motivated and excited for this race after a pretty inactive last year. If you missed it, HERE is my post detailing it all.

The first few weeks of the training cycle are always a little intimidating as I can’t help but look ahead in my training plan, and it FREAKS me out when I see that I’ll be running double digit miles pretty soon. I think the best piece of advice I’ve ever gotten is to stay within your week. All I can focus on is this week, this day, this mile that I’m in…and just believe in the training!

Week 1

Monday: 3 miles (10:05 pace). No music, felt strong! Last run in my hometown in New York. I won’t miss the weather.

Tuesday: REST

Wednesday: 3 miles (10:00 pace). First day back in SF and beautiful sunrise to welcome me. No music, no stops, felt strong.

Thursday: 3 miles (10:34 pace). Little tired from yesterday’s run, but stayed consistent and din’t stop. Mentally was strong.

Friday: REST

Saturday: 5 miles (10:20 pace) in windy, overcast weather. A few breaks because I was kind of sore from scoot-ing all week, ha.

Sunday: REST

Week 2

Monday: 3 miles (10:25 pace). Surprised how tired my legs felt for the start of the week. Sunrise run with no music.

Tuesday: 4 miles (10:10 pace). First 2 miles dragged on forever but the second half felt steady and strong, despite being tired.

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 3 miles (10:10 pace) almost entirely in the dark before sunrise.

Friday: REST

Saturday: 6 miles (9:50 pace). Finally some sun! Run didn’t feel super easy but still great mood throughout.

Sunday: REST

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