Outdoorsy weekend in SF + Point Reyes day trip

Hey there!!

I’m feeling 100% healthy again after a very solitary week of recovery. This past weekend, I wanted to simplify things and enjoy life in SF after a few weeks of traveling and then jumping straight into work…and so emerging into the weekend, I was excited be active and social again and also spend as much time outside as possible.

Saturday: Good mood + lunch with Scott + Dolores Park

My weekend started off on a high note. I woke up early on Saturday and got out for a run first thing. I couldn’t get this smile off of my face the entire time…I have some big news to share but am waiting to finalize it and would like to dedicate a separate post for it hopefully this week 🙂

After my run, I met up with Scott for lunch in the Mission. Scott and I are good friends back from our NYC days until he moved out to SF. He was my first and only friend when I moved out here 6 months after him, and I owe it to Scott for meeting most of my current friends now. I hadn’t seen Scott in ages and we had so much to catch up on. I reached out to Scott to get some life advice over lunch and he was so beyond helpful; even though we’re the same age, I’ve always viewed Scott like an older brother and talking to him was just what I needed.

It was a gorgeous day in SF which meant doing my favorite activity…picnic at Dolores Park! It felt like the whole city was out and about, especially given voting day coming up – there was so much energy from different activist groups talking about the different props to vote on (something unique to California –> citizens get to vote on laws). Me and a friend relaxed in the sun with some cold beers; the perfect Saturday to recharge.

Sunday: Point Reyes hike

Thank God for daylights savings because that one extra hour of sleep was needed! Anna and I were on the road bright and early for a day trip to Point Reyes. We were both craving to get out of the city and to do something active, and so we rented a Getaround car and road-tripped up north!

Given usually doing things with our massive girl group + our busy travel schedules, Anna and I hadn’t had one-on-one time in a while, and it was soooo heartwarming to finally get some. There was never a silent moment on our trip since we had oh-so much to chat about.

When we got to Point Reyes, it was clear we hit a stroke of luck. The sun was beaming and you could see the beautiful, crystal blue water so clearly. Such a pretty sight.

We took on the 10-mile out-and-back trail to Tomales Point. It was pretty long but flat along the Point Reyes Peninsula, with breathtaking cliff views along the way.

So much elk spotted on this trail. They are so large in person!

When we made it to Tamales Point, it was quite the site. We were pretty high up and the cliffs dropped so dramatically below. Took a few moments to soak in the views before turning around.

After the hike, we treated ourselves to oysters, a popular reason people come out to Point Reyes. They were so fresh and the perfect treat after 10 miles.

I’m so glad Anna and I spontaneously decided on this day trip. We both agreed the fresh air + quality time with each other was the therapy we both needed. ❤

I hope you all had lovely weekends too!

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