The story of my weekend told through food

Hey you guys! How are you? I hope you had lovely weekends! As I am looking through my phone to recap the weekend, I realized that I didn’t take too many pictures this time, and the ones I did take were all of food…nevertheless it’s pretty telling of what my weekend entailed: eating my way around SF (which was a nice change from the usual active/outdoorsy weekend stuff!)

Friday: Pizza at Montesacro

After work on Friday, I met up with Whitney at Brick Yard in the Marina to catch some of the UNC vs. Duke basketball game. Whitney is a UNC alum and we both love basketball, and so it was the perfect start to the weekend cheering on her alma mater and meeting some of her college friends as well!

Then the two of us ubered down to SoMa for a classy dinner at Montesacro, where we also met Princess, and our friends Sarah and Matt, for a girl’s night (plus Matt, ha). I was introduced to Sarah back during the New Year’s Tahoe trip, and we’ve happily adopted her into our circle ever since! The evening was JUST what we all needed – wine, pizza, sharing stories and hilarious conversations. We had such a good time together, we made plans to get together the next day to continue the fun!


Saturday: happy hour at Scopo Divino + Dinner at Filmore Social Club + Drinks at Hi Lo Club

Saturday started off with a lot of this.

IMG_4268 (1).jpg

By early evening, my brain was fried and I was ready for round two with the same group as yesterday. We all met at Scopo Divino in Lower Pacific Heights, where Princess and Sarah are members of their wine club. We shared oysters, wine, cheese, and dessert and continued yesterday’s fun. My stomach was very happy 🙂


Sharing dessert with friends = no one ever takes the last piece…ha!


We were still pretty hungry afterwards and ventured close by to a new Asian Fusion restaurant called The Fillmore Social Club. We shared a few dishes family style, and all of them were A+, and we didn’t even need to wait in line! We had a prediction that in 2 months, it’s would be one of the most poppin’ restaurants in SF.

(Excuse the blurry pic)


We weren’t ready to end the night just yet, and so we headed back up to Polk Street to Hi Lo Club where we continued the night with a more drinks. Sarah introduced us to the East-West cocktail which is officially going to be new drink: it’s gin-based with cucumber and mint, oh-so refreshing! Before I knew it, I checked my phone and it was midnight – time just flew by!!

Our big girl group of 8 or so is pretty much split half and half with single and non-single girls, and it just so happened us single girls got together for this weekend. I just love these girls since there are no inhibitions when we’re with each other, and there’s definitely the comradeship for being in this incredibly dynamic stage in life together. It feel like every other day someone has something new to share with the group whether it’s dating stories, job stuff, friend stuff…we always share the love, pain, & definitely the laughter together ❤

The night ended with me and Whitney having some one-on-one time while waiting in line at Bob’s Donuts (a late-night must when living in San Francisco 😉 ).


The donuts definitely paid off the next morning – perfect way to start the day.


I studied a little more in the morning, followed by binging Season 3 of Netflix’s show, LOVE. LOVE is one of those indie shows where it feels like you’re just watching life – it’s super sweet, super hilarious, and one of my current favorites. I tried to pace myself so that I could have something to look forward to this week, but I breezed through 6 episodes out of 12 all this past weekend!

I finally got out of my apartment in the afternoon for a walk around the Marina and visit to the guy’s apartment. Viggy and Matt were home and so I spent some time catching up with them.

Later in the evening, Julia got back from her road trip to Death Valley. I hadn’t seen her in almost 2 weeks and it felt like an eternity! She hadn’t even parked her car and I was eagerly waiting at her doorstep :P. Julia was sweet enough to cook dinner for the two of us, during which we caught up on our pretty eventful weeks and went through her amazing Death Valley photos – it was the perfect soul-cleansing to end the week spending time with Julia.

And that pretty much wraps up another week here! I hope you all have a great one!


Not too much activity happened this week. I was planning on fitting in a long run but that didn’t happen between studying and social stuff. Definitely planning on getting some more mileage under my belt before this half marathon in a few weeks!

Monday: REST

Tuesday: 5 miles

Wednesday: 4 miles

Thursday: 3 miles

Friday: REST

Saturday: 2 miles

Sunday: REST

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