A week of partying + my next race!

This week can be summed up with LOTS OF PARTYING. There were a ton of random occasions back to back, and by the end of the week, I had drank enough for the entire month.

Before getting to the highlights reel, I have some pretty big news…I FINALLY signed up for a Spring race! A few weeks ago, a new girlfriend invited me to do the SF Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon with her on April 8th. I originally opted out because the race was pretty expensive and I had done a similar course before between my two half marathons in SF last year. A few days later, another friend out of the blue sent me a discount code for the race and I completely took it as a sign to it :). Super excited to put all these workouts towards a race in only T-minus 5 weeks!!


Now for all the crazy festivities this week…

Happy birthday Karan

Karan’s birthday was on Wednesday! Our baby Karan (he is the youngest in the group) finally turned 24, and the entire fam plus some got together for yummy Indian food + wine + celebrating another year of Karan. I can’t imagine life in SF without him ❤


Kim’s guest bartending gig

On Thursday, Kim was a guest bartender for a charity event at Soda Popinksi’s, which happens to be one of my favorite spots on Polk Street, and so it was the perfect excuse to round a big group of the girls and the guys for happy hour and to cheer Kim on (and for a good cause!)

Kim completely ROCKED IT behind the counter. She was such a natural and everyone couldn’t believe that was her first time bartending.



Above and Beyond concert

A huge highlight of the weekend was getting the entire fam together to see one of our favorite groups, Above and Beyond – we all had been looking forward to it for weeks and the day was finally here! We started off by pregaming and catching up on our weeks at the guy’s apartment in the Marina, followed by enjoying the concert at Bill Graham Auditorium. It was also Matt’s girlfriend’s last day in SF (she was visiting from Brazil the past month!) and so it was nice to get some time all together. Live music with the fam is always a recipe for a good night 🙂


Another night out

As if we needed more partying after the past three days, Anna, Whitney, Ben and I ralleyed together on Saturday night for just another night out. We hit up the Social Study (a cute bar that looks like a library), Bissap Baobob (a lively Senegalese-themed bar), and Delirium (hip-hop dance bar) all in one night.



Long walk around SF + Lands End hike

Needless to say, Sunday morning was VERY painful. I spent most of it in bed watching Gilmore Girls. In the afternoon, I finally emerged and took a walk along the Marina with a cup of mint-mojito iced coffee from Philz. Perfection.


After a week of rain in SF, it was finally the most beautiful day, and so I continued the walk all the way through the Presidio, China Beach, and eventually made it to Lands End. Just me, my thoughts, some fresh air, and the beautiful sights of SF ❤



I stayed in Lands End all the way through sunset. The view by the Sutro Baths had an amazing reflection of the pool – absolutely stunning. By the end of the day I rounded out around 8 miles of walking!


Another week ahead of the grind (aka studying) and hopefully some more low-key fun this week :). My exam is officially two months away so it’s definitely crunch time. Have a good week, my friends!!


Workouts this week

Monday: 6 miles

Tuesday: REST

Wednesday: 3.5 miles

Thursday: 3 miles

Friday: REST

Saturday: 90 minutes of power yoga

Sunday: Lands End hike

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