Surprise bachelorette party + change of race plans…

Hey you guys!

So as you may remember, I signed up for the SF Rock ‘n Roll half marathon which is now 3 weeks away. Well…change of plans, I will not be running this race.

Last week was a weird week for me. I had some bad anxiety from some personal life stuff, and that coupled with the exam stress meant not a lot of eating happened (I usually have a little appetite and bad insomnia when I’m stressed). It was a struggle to even complete 2 miles on the treadmill as my body was feeling completely depleted, and I knew that it would take a LOT to physically ramp up for this race in three short weeks.

But even more than the physical obstacles, on the mental front, my heart is just not into this race. I’m a firm believer of NOT doing races just for the medal. I feel the best part of races is the training and that races are a celebration of hard-work and a dedicated training cycle. Looking back, I feel like it was a bit rash to sign up for this half with only 5 weeks to train, physically AND more importantly (in my opinion) mentally. On that note, seeing as I haven’t truly had a solid training cycle to support this race, my heart is not in the right spot to make it to the start line.

Overall, I feel 100% fine and not disappointed at all. I feel blessed to be able to make this decision myself and not because of things out of my control like injuries, which I know happens to a lot of runners. I’m totally at peace with taking a different course and shifting priorities – putting life, my emotional health, my job/exam first. I’m now on a different journey and it definitely doesn’t mean I won’t revisit races when the time is right. There will be SO many more half marathons/marathons/triathlons/and more in my future, and there’s no reason or rush to get another one under my belt if my heart does not want it at the moment.

So those are my updates on the running front…that aside, let’s talk about some fun things happening over here in SF!

The highlight of last week by far was throwing Janice a surprise bachelorette party. Her wedding ceremony is over a year away, but she and her fiance are getting married at the end of the month in city hall. And so, over happy hour last week, Princess thought of the idea to throw her a spontaneous surprise party! We weren’t going to let her get hitched without one ;).

Over the course of a whole week of planning, coordinating with 10 girls, and layering lies upon lies to Janice so we wouldn’t spill the beans, the plan was finally put in motion on Saturday when we surprised her at AsiaSF, a burlesque club in SF that serves Asian fusion food to go along with the show. (Engaged friends = an excuse to go to all the crazy places we’ve been dying to try in SF 😉 ).

Janice was beyond surprised and touched by our get together. We all shared 6 courses + lots and lots of cocktails.


The show itself completely exceeded my expectations. The performers were so talented, fun and and full of energy –> perfect for our high-estrogen crew.


After the show, we expended some of our dancing energy downstairs of AsiaSF which had a lively dance floor + stripper pole (ha…). The night was just getting started 😛


We then all walked a short few blocks over to Rene’s place in SoMa. She had a ton of alcohol from her big charity gala for us to “pre-game” with (although at this point, we were already “game”). This was actually one of my favorite parts of the night – at one point, my abs were actually hurting from all of our laughter. We spent another few hours here and got amped up for the next phase…

…Blondie’s in the Mission! Me and Anna’s favorite bar, hands down. The music was bumpin’ and our of girlfriends just knows how to have a good time.


This was unanimously one of the funnest nights for all of us. The next mornings our group chat completely blew up with sharing stories/pictures and raving how good of a time it was. I can’t believe we all only met last summer on a trip to Napa; since then each and every combination of our friendships has blossomed so much. This is the first time in my life I’ve had a group of strong, beautiful, genuine girlfriends like this. It’s seriously been one of the the biggest blessings since moving here. ❤

Needless to say, the Monday blues were super real yesterday, but I do have a few things to look forward to, the closest one being having Phil visit from NYC this week 🙂 – have a great week, ya’ll!

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