First Warriors game + hiking Mount Tam + boozy Sunday + the little things to find balance

Hello blog!! I’ve missed you! I think this is the longest I’ve ever gone without blogging…TWO whole weeks! Quite honestly, it’s been near impossible to find an hour to sit down and write as this has been the CRAZIEST busy season at work yet. Week days I’m barely hanging on by the thread to finish work/studying/working out, and by the weekend, I’m so ready let loose and pack it with activities so there’s been no free time there as well!

Despite the craziness, I’ve been trying to add little things throughout the week to help find balance. Even just deciding to walk to work somedays instead of taking the bus is a recipe for starting the day right (look at those sunrise views).


Now I have approximately 68 things to catch you guys up on from the past two weeks. So let’s dive in!

First Warriors game

Last Thursday, I organized a group outing for my team at work to go to a Warriors basketball game. Everyone has been working so hard that I thought it would be a fun treat to cheer on SF’s proudest team. This was my first ever NBA game and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. Basketball is one of the few sports I actually enjoy, and even though I’m a Knicks fan at heart, I completely jumped on the Warriors bandwagon on Thursday :).


Hiking Mount Tamalpais

After a full week in front of the computer, I was definitely in the mood to be more active last weekend, and so me, Briana, Karan, and Rene got together for a hike at Mount Tamalpais in Marin. I hadn’t seen Briana and Rene in TWO MONTHS so I was beyond excited to catch up with them.

Mount Tam is one of the best hikes in the Bay – it’s long at 8 miles, but not too strenuous, and you get views of the forrest-y redwoods as well as the beautiful coast. Every half mile we would “ooo” and “ahh” over the spectacular views – this hike quickly became my new favorite!


The halfway point was at Stinston Beach where we stopped to picnic and reap our halfway reward.



Happy spot was definitely hit.

Boozy brunch at Pink Elephant

Following an active Saturday came the most crazy, ratchet Sunday. All of my favorite girlfriends in SF got together at Pink Elephant, one of SF’s top boozy brunch spots. I totally underestimated what Pink Elephant would have in store, and upon entering, I could tell it was one of those places you couldn’t NOT go crazy. They had self-serve mimosa stations with long vaults of different juices – so fun but so easy to loose track of your drink number 😉


Day drinking with these ladies is always a hilarious, happy time. The music was A+ as well and we all had a blast dancing away over our mimosas. I just love this group of girlfriends and we just keep getting bigger with awesome, down-to-earth ladies ❤



Workouts: back on the trails + power yoga

On the exercising front, I’ve been able to get in a few runs per week through lots of quality time with the treadmill after work. I finally ran on my favorite trail in the Presidio last week for the first time all year which was a treat – trail miles = the best therapy.

The best thing to come out of the past two weeks was discovering power yoga. I’ve been sampling different yoga studios with my free class-pass trial, and when I came across a power yoga class, it immediately became a game changer. I love how fast-moving and active it is over vinyasa yoga, and I definitely want to build a stronger yoga practice around this here on out 🙂


I hope you all have a happy week!

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