A busy, balanced, week

Hello, hello! I hope you’re all having fun, fulfilling weeks. Things have been pretty crazy here lately. Most days are filled with early morning studying, 10-11 hour work days, a trip to the gym, sleep, repeat. And yet, when I look through my pictures to recall the week, I realize I did actually get some fun activities thrown in there. And so, even with the hecticness of the season, I’m happy to still have time to find balance 🙂

Taco Tuesday

On Tuesday, I got together with Rahul and Julia for Taco Tuesday, which apparently is a pretty big deal in SF. We went to Nick’s Crispy Tacos on Polk St for tacos and margaritas, all at a huge bargain. I am absolutely LOVING how often I’ve been hanging with these two lately – they also brought a new friend which was fun to add a 4th wheel 😉


Wine Wednesday

After work on Wednesday, I met up with Kim, an old coworker who recently left my firm. She and I had been acquaintances for a few months, and right before she resigned a few weeks ago is when we finally got to talking and we both realized how much we had in common (including both moving from NYC to SF)! Last week, we finally got together for a dinner filled with mushroom ravioli, pizza, a bottle of wine, and endless talking about our lives. It was such a heartwarming, good time and we both mentioned how we definitely want to see more of each other! I think it’s safe to say that we are no longer just “work friends” and now “friends” :).


City photoshoot with Anna

On Saturday, Anna asked me if I wanted to walk around the city with her to practice using her new DSLR. Photos + sunshine = I was SO in!

We started off in Chinatown and got some street photos. We took a while to figure out how to use her camera (I have a DSLR myself but have been pretty lazy with it since the iPhone is just so good now!). Along the way, we perused some shops and enjoyed the festive, not-too-crowded SF Chinatown.


Then, we made our way to North Beach which is basically the “Little Italy” of SF (oddly similar to NYC). There are so many cute, outdoor cafes and one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city. A pit stop to enjoy a hot cafe mocha 🙂

35C800F4-9A2D-4D9B-808A-A82E4F50F791 (1).jpg

Our last leg was walking through Russian Hill and finishing up in the Marina, where we shot the colorful houses and high, hilly views of the bay. There’s no place like home ❤


Couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing, happy, low-key afternoon with the best ❤

Low-key Saturday

Between New Years weekend and last weekend of partying, I was so in the mood for a weekend in. And so, on Saturday night, I hung out with a friend, Jonathan, who I’ve known for a while now in SF. We’re usually hanging out in a group setting but it was so much fun to finally get some one-on-one time – we did all my favorite things in the Marina including hanging out in Aquatic Park, grabbing ice cream, and talking all evening. The perfect remedy for a busy week 🙂


Workouts this week – back in the pool!

I’m back to swimming again!! I was totally one of those people who signed up for a gym membership on January 2nd. I joined the YMCA which was a no-brainer: cheap membership fees, access to all SF Y’s, and a pool?!? YES PLEASE.

This week had a great variety of work outs: swimming on Monday, 4 miles of running on Thursday, yoga on Friday, and 6 miles on Saturday.

After marathon training last fall, I’m SO loving mixing things up again. Since each workout hits different muscle groups, I’m not getting burnt out and actually feeling EXCITED for each workout. It’s also been so fun to incorporate my workouts into the social life: Anna is usually joining me for 1 class per week and I bump into Julia/Rahul at the Y now!

All adding to finding balance this year. 🙂


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