Heart warming reunions + pool party in the ‘burbs + Sunday in Dallas

Hello from Dallas!! I hope you all had fun and relaxing weekends. I’m here in good ole’ Texas this week for work training which means reuniting with some of my favorite New York friends! Very excited for this week ahead, but first, let’s recap on a super fun and jam packed weekend:

Friday: catching up + Pirate-themed bar

On Friday, I got to catch up with an old friend from college who I hadn’t seen since graduation. We went to Smuggler’s Cove, an eclectic pirate-themed bar with themed decorations and the longest menu on of rum-based cocktails on the planet.

It was sooo nice to see this friend again. Moving here has meant meeting new people left and right, and so it felt so nice to talk to someone who already knew my life story and who I didn’t have to start from scratch with. We picked up where we left off, caught up over the past two years of our lives, and also reminisced about college (including a time I accidentally broke his nose! :P).

Later on in the night, we went to a second bar in the SoMa and I got to meet some of his friends. Lots of drinking and positive energy to start off my weekend 🙂

Saturday: Caribbean brunch + pool party in South Bay

Needless to say, I woke up hungover.

Saturday morning was a lazy one filled with pure recovery. I thought I was going to skip my run, but ended up lacing up my shoes and using it as a way to get out of bed. 5 very dehydrated miles along the bay with lots of walking breaks. Also, I’m trying out this new headband for running since I have bangs…it’s so easy and cute and I’m surprised I hadn’t bought it earlier!


Afterwards, I met up with a new friend, Brianna, for brunch. Phil introduced me to Brianna when he visited SF a few weeks ago. We hit it off instantly and she is now a good girlfriend of mine in SF. We went to Palm House, a super cute brunch spot in the Marina with an outdoor patio and Caribbean menu. We both got the spam eggs benedict, and I added a fresh coconut with mine ;).

Then, it was time to head down to South Bay for a pool party! My friend, Rene, shares the same birthday as me (this Wednesday!!), and luckily our birthday plans did not coincide and we celebrated hers first. I drove down with Janice and her boyfriend (I met Janice/Rene/some other of our awesome girlfriends all through Anna). These girls are so chill and inclusive, and I’m so happy to we’re all in each other’s lives).

The party was in Atherton since Rene’s boyfriend has a super amazing house down there. It was YUGE. Definitely felt like we were living the high life 🙂


It took Janice and I approximately 18 tries for us to get on these floaties – we could not stop laughing at each other’s ridiculousness 😉


The birthday girl ❤


Endless food and drinking…Rene really went above and beyond. It was such a treat to be in the ‘burbs and enjoy this mansion.


We all took a break from the pool at one point and watched the McGregor vs. Mayweather fight, after which we hopped right back into the pool (can you tell we love swimming?!). The pool at night was pretty surreal. We had crystal clear stars in the sky, music videos blasting on the projector, drinks upon drinks…I was enjoying myself to no end. Time FLEW us by and before we knew it, it was 3am and time to head back to SF.

Sunday: afternoon in Dallas with Shaolin + hanging with Christine

Needless to say, I woke up hungover.

It was quite the struggle getting to the airport for my 8am flight to Dallas. I caught up on sleep on the airplane and then it was time to meet Shaolin and her fiancee for lunch! I was so excited to see Shaolin one more time before her wedding in November (which I will be a bridesmaid for!). We went to a sushi spot to catch up, followed by walking around the neighborhood.


So excited for these cuties! They are so good together and it was so much fun hanging with the two ❤ #couplegoals


After bidding farewell to Shaolin, I headed to our work training site to wind down the evening. As soon as Christine got in, we immediately found each other for the biggest, baddest reunion ever. I hadn’t seen Christine since moving out of NYC and it so warmed my heart to reunite with her. I missed her so damn much and we got to talking for hours about everything going on in our lives. I’m so excited to spend more quality time with her and Phil this week!!

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