weekend shenanigans: girls night + master of none marathon + celebrity spottings!!

Tons of random things from this weekend to catch up on. But first, I saw THREE celebrities over the past few days!

  1. Mindy Kaling – saw her on my way to work this morning. I work in 30 Rock and she was walking to an NBC event!
  2. Candice Swanepoel – spotted her in the crowd at the concert we were at on Friday night!
  3. Wylie Dufresne – spotted him sitting outside on a bench in my neighborhood. Took this photo from afar after passing him, because it’s soooo not the ~NYC way~ to talk to famous people…haha.


Some other celebrities I’ve passed by while living in NYC: Daniel Radcliffe, Samuel L Jackson, Megan Fox, Chris Rock, John Stamos, and Laura Prepon (I was with Lindsay and we even had the guts to say hi to her!). I’ll definitely miss these fun moments that are special to NYC!

I’m down to my final 2 weeks of living in NYC…crazy. It doesn’t feel real. I’ve been filling my time with people I love and dealing lots of moving logistics. I’ve moved so many times in NYC that I’m really not stressed out at all about this. Even though moving across the country is a whole different level, moving around so much the past few years makes me feel ready to uproot again. The sentiment will probably hit me next week…but for now, I’m just enjoying everything 🙂

Michelle and I got brazilian waxes last week – both our first times! It hurt like a b!$*& and I will never do it again!!!!! Our naive smiling faces beforehand.


On Friday night, I met up with the ol’e college crew for drinks in East Village!

Then, me, Christine, and 3 of our friends got together for girls night. We hung out in east village, catching up and pregaming for a bit before heading to Williamsburg to Output for a concert. DJ Harvey was playing and it was A++! His music was a mix of techno and 70s pop, and we had a blast dancing the night away. 🙂 A successful G.N.O. in the books.


Saturday was a lazy day since it was pouring all day. My friend, Emily, who I met at the kava bar came to the neighborhood and we went to Tipsy Scoopy, a new ice cream place that opened a week ago right next to my apartment! They’ve made quite the mark in the NYC dessert scene as they’re known for their original BOOZY ice cream flavors.

I got spiked hazelnut coffee and strawberry bourbon rhubarb. Hit the spot! Only complaint was the the scoops were too small and the store was a bit disorganized.


Then, Emily and I went back to my place and commenced the Master of None Season 2 marathon!! We were dying to see it since they announced the release date a few weeks ago. There was so much Italian food in the show that we may have ordered $50 worth of Italian food and wine….

IMG_0555 (1).JPG

We got through 7 of 10 episodes in one sitting (#win). After Emily left, I finished the rest…couldn’t ask for a better Saturday ;).

Sunday started with 6 miles along the East River! Isn’t it crazy how quickly you lose fitness? Only a month ago was the marathon, and now 6 miles feels like a long run. 18 miles total for the week!


Afterward, it was beautiful outside so I headed to my favorite park for a solo picnic :). Of course, it started raining the second I go there, but a little drizzle didn’t bother me. Christine spontaneously joined mid-way when it was sunny again, and it was nice to hang out again before her flight to D.C. in the evening.


And now the start of another week. Hope it’s a good one for you guys!!


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