Lovely week at home: school play + fun catch ups + little sis got into college!!

I spent this past week back in my hometown, Poughkeepsie, NY. This week was everything I needed to feel whole again. Every time I go home, I appreciate it more and more. ūüôā

This was a also a pretty big week as my little sister, who is a senior in high school, officially heard back from and decided on her college…



Our entire family was just so SO happy for her. We couldn’t stop talking about it all week. My sister’s application process really brought our whole family together, supporting her and each other through a pretty stressful year. I’m beyond grateful for¬†how things turned out. We all agreed that this was a gift from God

Other than that, this week had several other highlights:

Lunch with my Uncle Mo’

Every time I go back home, one of the things I look forward to most is¬†spending time with my Uncle Moses over lunch. He¬†isn’t my “real” uncle, but a beloved church uncle I grew up with. My distant relatives live¬†in China, so Moses really is the closest thing I have to an uncle. I love spending time with him, hearing his life stories, getting advice, and sharing the latest and greatest of my life.


Uncle Moses also knows all the greatest spots to eat in Poughkeepsie.¬†After growing up in the town for 18 years, I’m surprised how many places I hadn’t explored. I ate mussels and fries…yum!

Walkway + afternoon with Jason 

Wednesday afternoon I spent with my good high school friend, Jason. I’ve very happy with the amount we’ve been seeing each other lately, at home and in NYC. It was the PERFECT weather and so we opted to catch up over a walk on the Hudson Walkway Bridge, one of my favorite sites in town.


Jason had just come from work, hence wearing scrubs. We tried having a photo shoot on the bridge. Some came out decent like this:


But most turned out like this: boy was it windy!


Afterwards, we picked up dinner and dessert and ate outside. Jason showed me a spot near the boathouse I had never gone to before, and it had the perfect view of the Hudson River at sunset.



Seeing Jason is always a treat. ūüôā

Sister’s school play: Grease!

On Friday, I went to the opening night of my sister’s school play, Grease. It was BEYOND AMAZING. I loved it! She was the music director and pianist for the play, and I was so impressed with what these high schoolers put together. Our high school is on the small side (around 500 people), and¬†Grease really was the perfect, charming choice.

It was pretty nostalgic being back, watching the play, and even talking to my old teachers. I also use to be in drama club as the rehearsal pianist, and missed being part of these productions! I was so happy to see my sister in her element Рshe really found a home with this very talented group of people and has clearly made her mark on our high school.


Afterwards, I¬†took sissy out to the diner to celebrate her opening night and college acceptance! Time flew and we chatted away and ate our desserts until midnight ‚̧


Not sure why I made that face….

What a perfect week at home!! I’m back in NYC now, and looking forward to some fun things today and tomorrow. Have a great weekend!!

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