Puff the play + afternoon picnic + week 13 of marathon training

And just like that, another weekend has passed! Let’s recap, shall we?

Saturday: unlimited sushi + Puff

Saturday day I spent saying goodbye to the family back home, catching up on some studying on the train back to NYC, grocery shopping, organizing my life back in the city, and enjoying some down time. Before I knew it, it was time to hit the town and see my old Tribeca roommates, Trish and Nicky, along with a big group of our friends. Nicky organized a fun evening filled with dinner and a show!

The night starting with unlimited sushi+sake at Para Sushi in West Village. I must say, it was one of the best unlimited sushi I’ve had in the city, and only for $25! We were a bit over-ambitious and struggled to finish what we ordered, leaving us in a painful food coma.


Afterwards, we headed up to Hells Kitchen to watch Puff, an off-broadway play telling the Harry Potter chronicle from the viewpoint of the Hufflepuffs. Overall, A+! It was hilarious and had very energetic acting. I’m not the biggest fan of Harry Potter (I’ve never read the books and seen the movies only once), but I felt it was enough to understand the inside jokes of the play.

It felt so nice seeing this crew again. Living with Nicky and Trish for a year opened a passage to meeting some great friends of friends.


Sunday: long run + picnic

The next morning started off with my long run – 12 miles! It was the most beautiful day; the run started off in the 40s and ended in the 60s. I experimented with arm warmers for the first time. HUGE SUCCESS. I loved how toasty it kept me in the beginning, and as it warmed up, I could just roll them down.  I also love how athletic they look :). Definitely a big contender for being part of the race day outfit in two weeks!


I was craving nutrients after the long run. First salad I’ve had in AGES. I’m definitely trying to focus on eating healthy in this final stretch before marathon day.


I just couldn’t sit still in my apartment seeing how gorgeous it was outside, so I met up with Christine for a mini-picnic. We picked up some ice cream, got a beach towel, and plopped ourselves in Tompkins Square Park in east village. These picnics are one of our favorite activities; we had countless ones over our time in NYC. It really felt like Spring was finally here!

Thank you, Mom, for this new dress!



A whole day outdoors…I wasn’t complaining ;). After Christine and I departed, I continued my afternoon taking a walk, a little shopping, and then a low-key evening relaxing before the start of another week.


Week 13 of marathon training 

It’s officially taper time! The beginning of this week I spent in my hometown in upstate NY, so they were full of hills, hills, and HILLS. I was happy to have a change in running scenery ad to get in some incline work as the Newport course will certainly NOT be flat.

Monday: 5 miles easy (9:58 pace) on the usual route at home. No music. I ran right at sunset and one of the things that stood out to me during this run was just how great it felt to breath in fresh, non-city air 🙂

Tuesday: core workout. I’ve been super delinquent on doing core work, and am trying to make up for it these last 3 weeks!

Wednesday: 5 miles easy (9:56 pace) first thing in the morning. No music. I usually feel super fresh during early AM runs, but I was surprised to find my legs feeling heavy and the run not feeling too easy this time. Nevertheless, I didn’t stop on this hilly route so I was proud of that.

Thursday: 5 miles (9:29 pace).  No music. I originally set out for an easy run; the beginning felt tough since my muscles felt pretty stiff. I even had to walk up one hill. But around 3 miles in, I got this crazy feeling of something lifting/pushing me forward and my legs just wanting to turnover quickly, making the rest of the run at tempo pace. Crazy how runs can turn from bad to good so quickly!

Friday: REST

Saturday: REST

Sunday: 12 miles (9:42 pace) in Central Park + Reservoir loop. Given a late night yesterday, my energy/heart felt a bit funky, but overall a solid run as I just couldn’t get over how beautiful the weather was.

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