Whole weekend outdoors + week 7 of marathon training

This past week was spent on the road. See my recap on my trip to Boston HERE. The rest of the week I was in Wisconsin for work. Not exactly the most thrilling of places. šŸ˜›

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I will say everyone is EXTREMELY nice out there. I got a rental car while in Wisconsin. It seems like every time I get a rental car I run into issues…hopefully I’ll learn to be a competent driver one day.


It’s so nice to be back home and recharge! This was one of the happiest weekends I’ve had all year, mainly because I spent almost every waking second outside. Those who live in the Northeast know that it was absolutely splendid weather-wise this weekend, and I definitely took advantage šŸ™‚


The main event on Saturday was having Lindsay come down from Westchester to spend the day together! No frills or anything crazy – just a nice, relaxing day with my oldest friend spent walking around the city, eating lots of yummy food, and catching up over her hilarious, crazy life stories (Lindsay ALWAYS has something interesting to share…;) )

IMG_1958 (1).JPG

We spend some time in Union Square checking out their weekend farmers market. It’s one of my favoriteĀ markets in the city. They have tons of venders from the tristate area come down and sell local produce and products!


Took a walk around Washington Square Park. There are always people showing off their amazing art/talents.


Ice cream in February? We’ll take it šŸ™‚


Chilling on a bench in east village at sunset…so simple and yet it brought us so much joy. I love that with Lindsay, we can do virtually nothing and still have so much fun.


For dinner, weĀ had sliders at Mark, one of the best sliders joints in the city.


Ended the evening with a Upright Citizen Brigade improv show…my favorite!


Sunday started off with my long run. 15 miles! It’s always a milestone to run past the half marathon point. Overall, I felt strong and steady. AndĀ running outside in 60-degree weather definitely hit my happy spot.


Thank you for the comments about gel recommendations! I bought huma gels this week and am loving them so far!


After my run, it was time to meet my Harvard bud Andrew, who was in the city for the long weekend. It was such a treat to see him again. We’ve seen each other 4 times in the past week…we usually only get to see each other 4Ā times YEAR. We were very happy about that.

We started off chilling/sun bathing in Union Square. Gorgeous.


Then we took a walk by the East River. The sun was setting and seemed surreal, especially on such a nice day (I can’t say how much I loved the weather this weekend).


Then, after some drama getting a seat at this restaurant, we met up with another friend and had a dim sum dinner at Tim Wo Han, a restaurant related to a Michelin-rated restaurant in Hong Kong. It’s been super popular here in NYC these past few months, and incredibly hard to get a table, but Andrew was persistent and we ended up getting a spot!

It was terrible. I mean, REALLY terrible. So not worth the trouble or money. The food wasĀ the same as any other dim sumĀ place in Chinatown, and theĀ service was way below average. We found hair on our plates and waited ages to get our food. I don’t mind roughed-up Chinese restaurants if the food is good, butĀ this place is so notĀ worth the Michelin prestige or hassle to get a table. Do yourself a favor and don’t even bother.

IMG_1979 (1).JPG


Week 7 of marathon training

It’s usually hard for me to stay disciplined with working out when I travel for fun, and so I only ran once while in Boston. However, when I travel for work, it’s a whole different story. And so most of my miles were packed later in the week while I was in Wisconsin. Overall, I Ā got in all my miles for the week!

Monday:Ā REST

Tuesday: 5 miles easy along the Charles River in Boston. Super icy and cold. No pace recorded.

Wednesday:Ā REST

Thursday:Ā 7 miles on the hotel treadmill –> 3 mile warm up, then 4 x .75 mile repeats at tempo pace (9:40, 9:22, 9:05 pace, and 8:34) with .25 mile recoveries. Felt very strong after warm up!

Friday:Ā 3 easy miles on hotel treadmill at (10:20 pace). Legs were tired from yesterday’s speed workout.

Saturday: REST

Sunday:Ā 15 miles outside on the most beautiful day of the year! (9:43 pace). Central Park + East River.

Total = 30 miles!!



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