Snowy week in Boston/Cambridge

Hello friends! It feels like ages since I’ve checked in. I’ve spent this past week on the road, splitting time between Boston to visit my older brother and friends, and also Wisconsin for work. Pretty fitting that I’m blogging at the Detroit airport right now on a layover 😛

Lots to catch up on, much more so on 5 very fun days in Boston. They were filled with tons of snow, drinking (a product of staying in because of the snow), down time/working remotely, and other fun events that I usually take part in on my annual Boston visit. Here are the highlights:

Harpoon Brewery

On Saturday, it was 20 degrees and blizzard-ing. One of my brother’s friends organized a trip to Harpoon Brewery, which ended up being a blast. Is there any better way to spend a cold, winter day, than drinking beer with friends?

I absolutely LOVED this brewery. Open seating picnic style, wooden furniture, amazing flight selections, yummy fresh pretzels, large glass wall looking out into the blizzard…our group was there for hours and loved every second of it.


One of the best parts of trying all the different flights. Our group ended up making a fun beer-tasting game 🙂


Being a student again at Harvard & seeing Andrew

One of my best friends in the world, Andrew (who I’ve mentioned on this blog), is a senior at Harvard, and so I had to make a visit on this trip :). Seeing him was such a highlight; the first day was so fun, I had to go back a second day! It basically felt like I was back in college again: we hung out in his dorm room, ate dining hall food, hung out around campus, and partook in other college shenanigans 😉

Andrew gave me a brief tour of campus. Cambridge is absolutely beautiful, but the snow made us want to get indoors ASAP.




Harvard dining hall food…not the greatest. IMG_2535 (1).JPG

We even did work at a cafe one day. I love that cafes outside of NYC actually have ample space to work/spread out/chill.


Fun fact – Boston is not allowed to discount alcohol, so for “happy hour” they discount food. Nonetheless, I so enjoyed our hot drinks on a cold February day. Picture shows Bailey’s hot chocolate.


Is there anything better than a beautiful Sunday set? Taken from Andrew’s dorm. 

Reunion with MIT friends 

One of my favorite parts of going to Boston each year is seeing my brother’s MIT grad school friends. Each time, I see familiar faces and meet some new ones – at this point they feel like family. I’m sad to know that several of them will be graduating this year, so it was very nice to hang out with everyone (possibly) one last time!

What better way to have a reunion than to go to party :). There was a lot going on this weekend, and I don’t have pictures for all. We did a whole spectrum of activities from chill nights at bars, to happy hours, to a dinner party filled with yummy food and ample wine, to dancing…my liver definitely needs a rest after this past week!

There’s one spot close to MIT campus that has the famous “hobo” = a 40’s beer  + a hotdog for $8. I will say, the hot dog was actually very good.


On this night, my brother dared the group to drink this “mystery” concoction (you don’t want to know what was in it…), and someone did for $45, ha!


Running by the river

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture for this, but one of my favorite days was waking up early in the morning and running along the Charles River. It was super cold and most of the run was spent tip-toeing on ice (I only took one fall!), but it was still pretty scenic. Isn’t running is the best way to see new places? 🙂

Amazing food

I was nothing short of well fed this weekend. My brother knows some pretty awesome spots in Cambridge. One of my favorites was a hole-in-the-wall (or rather, “house”-in-the-wall 😉 ) that had yummy, hearty lobster sandwiches.


We also did unlimited sushi at Yomata, a tradition I look forward to when I visit Boston with my brother and his friends – (the love it so much, they go EVERY week!). Hands down the best sushi I’ve had, and for a steal too!


Several meals were simply Seamlessed and eaten in in front of the TV with my bro and his roommates. I loved those as much as the other. Eating in really is the best .


My brother made his signature poke-salmon-rice dish for me on our last night. SO DELICIOUS and easy to make – I will definitely be trying it on my own 🙂


On a less appetizing note, I found out my brother drinks Soylent now…

IMG_2530 (1).JPG

I’m so grateful to have spent a longer chunk of time visiting Boston than I normally do (usually the weekend visits fly by). Everything from fun activities out in the town to down time sitting on my friend’s dorm room bed hit my happy spot. Thank you friends and family for such a nice visit!! ❤

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