My week in 5-4-3-2-1!

5 happenings from my week

  • This has hands down been one of the longest weeks of work for me. Long days filled with tons of deadlines – that’s my firm’s busy season for ya! Even though there have been tough moments, it all also came with a huge sense of accomplishment. I remember leaving the office yesterday night feel so grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way. Things are starting to wind down, thank goodness – I also got on an exciting project in Wisconsin starting in two weeks! 🙂
  • I took the plunge and bought a HUGE jar of protein powder! As you guys might know, I’m not a big meat eater – my main sources of protein have been greek yogurt, eggs, and sometimes tofu…definitely not enough for my increased mileage ahead. I got Gold Standard’s cookie’s and cream flavor and have been loving it so far!


  • I didn’t leave my apartment for 60 hours straight at one stretch this week…worked from home + gym downstairs + cooked each meal = need to remember to get fresh air in the future
  • Currently looking into gel options for long runs/races. I’ve been using Gu gels the past few marathon cycle, but have lately been grossed out by its sweetness. Any recs anyone?!?
  • I’ve discovered purple shampoo. I recently dyed my hair pretty light, and with dark, asian hair like mine, there’s a tendency for it to get brassy. This purple shampoo I’ve been using lightly tones the hair each use, and has made a quick, noticeable difference! I highly recommend; (but only use once a week or so – I don’t like a lot of chemicals in my hair).


4 workouts this week 

  • Monday: 4 mile treadmill
  • Tuesday: 4 mile treadmill
  • Wednesday: core workout (I did THIS killer workout from Blogilates!).
  • Thursday: 6 miles treadmill. During this run, my phone spazzed and music froze part way…which meant running 3.5 miles without music!! I was so sure I was going to cut my run short, but each .5 miles or so, I told myself to just push a bit further, and somehow got to the end :). Definitely need to work on positive self talk, and get rid of those first instincts to quit when things get tough! Nevertheless, that was one of my proudest moments of the week.


3 podcasts I’m loving

  • Modern Love: I’ve been obsessed with this podcast since it’s first episode. Each one is only 20 minutes long, where celebrities read essays from people who submit their “love” stories – but not just romantic love, all types of loves (family, friends, etc). Perfect for those shorter runs or if you have a short attention span 🙂 download.jpeg
  • NPR Politics: As someone who dislikes reading, I love having an easily digestible way to catch up on the world of politics every morning through some funny, intellectual conversation.


  • Running on Om: Down-to-earth-Julia interviews various runners (Lauren Fleshman is regularly featured) and also talks about her own running journey. Perfect for shutting your brain off and relaxing for a longer runs, as episodes typically run over an hour long.


2 easy meals I’ve made

I’ve been obsessed with taking Trader Joe’s prepared food and adding some of my own additions for a kick. This week I made:

  • Trader Joes’s split pea soup + added my own tofu + qinuoaIMG_1824.JPG


  • Trader Joe’s frozen vegetable fried rice + added my own eggs + sesame oil + soy sauce


I’m sure you can tell I love cucumbers on the side 😉

1 thing I’m looking forward to

  • NOT the superbowl. I hate team sports…:) #runners

3 thoughts on “My week in 5-4-3-2-1!

  1. Huma gels! I love them. Not too sweet and tastes like real fruit puree. My favorite gel flavors are strawberry and mango. Many people like the apple and cinnamon, but the only one I don’t like. It tastes like thick applesauce.

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    1. thanks for the rec 🙂 I’ve actually tried huma before – definitely delicious and more natural tasting. how do you carry them for races? they’re so darn big!


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