Chinese New Year dumpling party!

This past weekend was Chinese New Year – this year is quite the special one as it is the year of the rooster, which my own sign 🙂

I was fortunate enough to go home this past week to spend some time with the family. Even though it was a pretty busy work week, I still got lots of quality time with sissy, soul-rejuvenating conversation with mom, killer hill runs, dumplings upon dumplings…the usual feel-good home stuff :). I also went through the family albums and found this:


My dad is quite the photographer. When we were kids he would take countless photos on his SLR; we have dozens of photo albums at home filled with with these gems 🙂

I ended up ringing in the CNY this weekend here in New York City with some good friends from Columbia. One of my best friends from college, Crystal, and I ended up hosting a Chinese New Year dumpling-making party on Sunday! Crystal and I go way back to day one of freshman year – we lived on the same floor almost all through college, and even roomed together senior year ❤

I went over to her place in Hells Kitchen a little early to help prepare the goodies. Crystal is such an amazing the hostess – she really went all out on the decorations and making the place festive.

FullSizeRender (2).jpg


We had a dumpling making station for our guests which ended up being super popular – everyone wanted to learn!

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Great times folding dumplings, drinking wine, seeing some familiar faces from school, and meeting some new ones 🙂



Ending this with a cool video I saw of an young ultramarathon prodigy – her first race she didn’t have running shoes, water OR fuel, and she WON. AMAZING!

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