Purity ring concert + marathon training week 3

The highlight of my week was seeing Purity Ring live on Thursday! They were playing at Output in Williamsburg – one of my favorite clubs: flashback to last year with me/Scott/Phil/Christine would go almost every weekend and even week days :P. We’ve all aged approximate 20 years since then and hardly do these kinds of nights anymore, so I was super excited when Michelle brought up going together!

The evening started with some girl talk + Thai take out + ice cream + watching Catfish on MTV (one of our guilty pleasures… 🙂 ).

IMG_1788 (1).JPG

IMG_1790 (1).JPG

Then, our other friend came over and the three of us got ready, drank some tequilla ;), and talked about everything under the sun on my cozy couch. I’m so lucky to live in this new apartment with such a large living space – makes having guests come over MUCH more fun than my past apartments 🙂


The concert itself was awesome. We got there a little late and missed some of the set, but from what we caught, I loved. Unfortunately no photos from the concert since they were not allowing them. It was so refreshing to have a night of not thinking about anything but listening to music, dancing away, and sharing it all with each other

We ended the night with Michelle and I subwaying back (we impressed ourselves with not ubering at all that night!), taking a nice walk, finishing our leftovers, and happily falling asleep :).

Marathon training week #3:

Overall, I’m not stoked about my running this week. I delayed my longer run until Thursday, simply because I didn’t have the willpower to do it on the day planned. I also cut my Saturday long run WAY short because I was so tired from the concert. The whole week my legs felt like 100 lbs, and each run felt so heavy and tiring. Maybe it was my previous weeks filled with hard workouts finally catching up to me? In any case, I’m not worried or being TOO hard on myself. I know training cycles need recovery weeks, and I’m hoping that by cutting my mileage a bit this week, I can make room for some quality training ahead.

IMG_1791 (1).JPG

Monday: 4 miles (9:23 pace) – ran outside along the East River at sunset. So beautiful!

Tuesday: 3 miles (9:39 pace) – treadmill. Easy run that didn’t feel easy. Played with the incline a bit to distract myself.

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 6 miles (no garmin or music) – legs felt like lead. Beautiful warm day along the East River. I felt like quitting the entire time, but didn’t! So I’m proud of that 🙂

Friday: REST

Saturday: 5.3 miles (9:14 pace) – long run cut short. Did some miles on the track.

IMG_1792 (1).JPG

Sunday: REST

Have a great weekend my friends!!!

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