Day trip to Tarrytown

This weekend hit home. The main event was spending Satudray in Tarrytown, a charming river-front town in Westchester (a little less than 1 hour north of NYC) to visit Lindsay. It was the first time in a long time I felt the warm and fuzzies from just being around so much love and laughter. Buckle your seatbelts for a pretty sappy post.

I headed on the train to Tarrytown in the early afternoon – the sun was shining and it was a very comfortable 55 degrees, perfect day for a day trip! Lindsay picked me up and we headed straight to the town’s Main Street. The best way to sum it up: Stars Hallow from Gilmore Girls. Literally. Every store was family-owned, and Lindsay would know at least one person in every shop we stopped in. Also everything is walking distance. I can’t believe places like these exist! I love the idea of small town life, and seeing it in person was kind of surreal.

IMG_1797 (2).JPG

We had paninis for lunch at Mint – they had an entire wall of different types of homemade sauces, so quaint. During lunch, Lindsay told me about the history of the town and its relation to her family. Hearing about how her parents met in Tarrytown’s high school, how she works at the same restaurant her dad use to, the connections all around this small town…my heart melted. I was so happy to hear about the life Lindsay has built in this town.

IMG_1793 (1).JPG

Then, we went to Coffee Labs, a coffee shop Lindsay use to barista at. They roasted beans right in front of our eyes. As of coffee snob, I loved it. I bought some of their espresso roast for my own brewing 🙂

IMG_1795 (1).JPG

IMG_1796 (1).JPG

After some more exploring, we drove off to Lindsay’s favorite spot nearby – Rockwood Hall State Park, a small park with some low key hiking trails. The sun was setting and the park had amazing view of the river: absolutely magical. The number 1 thing I miss while living in NYC is nature – it was so refreshing for the soul to be around trees/river/dogs/etc again. Lindsay and I got into some pretty great conversation about our lives and grand plans for the future.

IMG_1811 (1).JPG

IMG_1801 (1).JPG

It’s hard to tell in this picture, but the sun set was so breathtaking. There was a small fog along the top of the hill too.

IMG_1816 (1).JPG

Afterward, we grabbed some froyo, and then headed back to Lindsay’s house. Yes, I said house. Could I be more in awe?!? Here I am typing this post in my cramped 10 x 15 room (which in NYC’s standards is actually pretty yuge…), and my best friend has a HOUSE to herself! Also it was right along the river – look at that view!

IMG_1809 (1).JPG

We had some time to kill, so we decided to do a double movie feature: Francis Ha and This Isn’t Funny (we kind of thing for indie rom coms). Flashback to high school when Lindsay and I would movie hop/do double features at her house all the time. Some things never change. Except this time, as not so functional young adults without cable, we got cozy in front of her laptop 😛

IMG_1812 (1).JPG

Hours and hours later, we emerged from Netflix and hit the town for a late dinner and drinks! On our way, as we were driving in Lindsay’s car, and that’s when the warm and fuzzies hit me. It completely felt like our carefree high school days, with us driving in the night, sharing music – did I mentioned Lindsay is my music soul mate? We have the EXACT same tastes! It’s so nice to know that we will always share that <3.


This was my favorite song of the night. Kind of just sums up our spirit.

We went to Bridge View, a beautiful waterfront restaurant that Lindsay actually waitresses at. It was so nice to meet her closest friends and see her in her element. Their craft beer selection was endless, and spiked cider was to die for.

IMG_1814 (1).JPG

Then, before I knew it, it was time to head home. It felt a little sad to have such a perfect day come to an end. Lindsay let me borrow Lauren Graham’s new autobiography which sped up the ride back 🙂

IMG_1815 (2).JPG

As I sat on the train, I got a bit choked up with tears as I realized how much I have to be grateful for. I’m not gonna lie – the end of 2016 was a tough year for me in my personal life. During that time and even the past few weeks, I was so focused on what I had lost and didnt’ have in my life anymore. But this wonderful trip and spending time with my oldest friend made me realize all the things I do have in my life.

I am so SO thankful for my friends. Lindsay and I have been through so much together. We’ve seen each other at our most happy, celebrated points in life, and also the long stretches of desert. And yet, after everything, we can still come together as if no time has passed. I am so grateful for that.

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