Work fun shenanigans + new rock climbing spot

Between apartment hunting, work picking up, and trying to fill every free second social engagements, there is definitely a lot to report on a fun, packed week!

New rock climbing spot

On Wednesday, I went rock climbing at Brooklyn Boulders in LIC. Before, I went to Cliffs a few times, but this location just opened recently so we decided to switch things up! I must say, I liked this Brooklyn Boulders much better – more variety for bouldering and the facility just felt nicer, newer, and more hip. I tried to take it easy with the half marathon coming up over the weekend, but still came out super sore from a solid work out 😛

Wine tasting event 

One fun thing to cut through the week was a wine and whiskey tasting event my firm held for my group! I’ve been spending more and more time lately with the new first year analysts since my 2nd year class has been pretty delinquent in coming into the office. I had such a blast with these guys and learning all about different wines, although I can’t say I’ll ever really be a fan of wine to be honest…

FullSizeRender (64).jpg

I freaked out seeing my good work friend Edwin eat a kit kat like this…eating the outer-chocolate first and then the inner-wafer portion. I’ve been doing that since I was a kid!! Does anyone else eat a kit kat that way?


I’m so glad to work at a firm with such great people my age. Christine, Phil, my analyst class, these new first years, my mentors, these are the people who keep me going and make me enjoy coming to work every day. The firm is also super good about throwing these events pretty often to keep things fun!

Full day with Christine

One super nice treat from this past week was spending Friday with Christine. She came to the office for the first time in weeks, and so I definitely monopolized her :P. We snuck out for a snack at Bibble and Sip, an asian-inspired cafe nearby that we’ve been DYING to try. Overall, a pretty big sugar overload, but very tasty. I got the matcha cream puff.

FullSizeRender (65).jpg

After work, we headed down to her apartment to catch up and watch Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex Girlfriends – we are always recommending new shows to each other.

Then, she accompanied me to Kips Bay for some apartment hunting! I love having a buddy with me for a second opinion with apartments. Super helpful for someone as indecisive as me 😛


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