One of those rare perfect days

This weekend hit my happy spot. Saturday in particular was one of those rare days where everything just goes perfectly. I don’t know how to describe it, maybe it was the post-race high – I was just in such a great mood the entire day, and have so many pleasant, funny memories to reflect on ❤

The day started with running the Falling Leaves Half Marathon. Such a great time! You can read my full race recap HERE!

Afterward, I was pretty beat and tried to sneak in a quick nap before heading out for a packed day ahead. I’m pretty low functioning after runs, let alone races…if anyone has tips on how to keep your energy up throughout the day, please share with me!!!

In the afternoon, I headed down to Spot Dessert Bar at St. Marks with my very dear, old friend from home, Jason. Jason and I were close throughout high school and we even went to my senior prom together! 🙂 You know those people who just bring out the best qualities in you? That’s how I feel with Jason. It really warmed my heart to see him for the first time in a YEAR, catch up on our lives, laugh over some memories, and bond over trying to take a perfect photo of these yummy desserts (Jason is one of the best photographers I know!).

FullSizeRender (66).jpg

Afterward, I headed right next door to La Palapa for dinner and drinks with Chuck, Richard, and his roommates. It’s always a good time with this group; they are always down to drink and definitely influence the rest of us :P. I can’t wait to move back to Manhattan and have them more accessible. Phase two was at 12th Street Ale House, one of our favorite bars in the village.


After saying goodbye to the guys, I headed to Houston Hall for a joint birthday party for two friends. I had heard great things about this beer hall, and it definitely lived up to the hype! Tons of space and a fun mix of people with awesome beer selection. It was such a blast hanging out with some recently new friends :). A fantastic end to a perfect day.

Sunday started off with some apartment stuff, brunch with Sean, and catching up with Christine over the phone. The rest of the day was spent in bed, watching the Lizzie McGuire movie, and finally having down time after a pretty crazy week.

Andrew Liu is coming over later tonight to stay with me as he has a job interview tomorrow in the city! Excited to get some time with the kid.

Have a great week my friends!!!

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