Pre-race thoughts + poetry obsession + weeks 9, 10, 11 of training (finally!)

Hi blog! Okay, I think it’s FINALLY time for me to talk about this triathlon…seeing as it’s TOMORROW.

This week was filled with a lot of last minute running around, buying gear, spare bike parts, etc. I definitely procrastinated this portion – I actually originally was going to bike without any spare parts, but then I envisioned getting a flat and not being able to finish the race, and HATING myself for not taking some time to buy the parts and learn how to do it. So, I just sucked it up, talked to Scott for advice, went on Amazon and the bike store, and got everything I needed. Today will be filled with youtube-ing how to change a bike tube :p

I also finally bought my triathlon outfit! It’s two parts – a tri top and bottom, and I’ll be wearing them both for the first time on race day…not ideal, but that’s what procrastinating got me into.

I’m sleeping over my old roommate Nicky’s apartment tonight since she lives 15 minutes from the race start. Prepping this morning for the triathlon has definitely turned my nerves into EXCITEMENT. This whole week I was somewhat dreading the race since as you know, I’ve been feeling unprepared and under-trained, and a part of me almost feels like an imposter/newb for even attempting this when I didn’t put in my all.

But, as I was packing for later and trying on my outfit, I just got flooded with a little bit of that pre-race energy and adrenaline, bringing me back to each of my marathons – and that’s when I remembered why I do all of this. Not for the medal, not for the PR (although this is my first tri so it will be a PR :P), but for myself and honestly, for fun. I remembered back to when I was setting race goals earlier this summer – and my #1 goal was to stay fit this summer and have fun training for something new/different! I must say, that goal has definitely been met.

I had so much fun training for this race this summer, minus the past 3 weeks…I wish I wasn’t so hard on myself the past few weeks, because, yeah I didn’t hit every workout I wanted, but I also got to live my life while training towards a goal. Overall, it was soul-cleansing to be back in the pool, I learned so SO much about biking and got much stronger on the bike, all while keeping in shape for running too…that is NOT something to be ashamed of 🙂

So, from this point on, I’m rejecting all the negative energy that’s been building the past few weeks. I am officially SO EXCITED for this!!! It’s going to be painful (I envision the run portion to feel like the last 6 miles of a marathon), it’s gonna be HOT, and it’s gonna be so confusing (guarantee I’m going to forget to pack something or mess up the transition areas)…but I also know it’s going to be a load of fun and life changing, because every race I’ve ever done has changed me in one way or another; I never finish a race the same person as when I start.

Thank you for listening to my sappiness. I must say, it feels SO GOOD to finally write about all this verses trying to deal with it myself and present a perfect image on this blog. I’m finally owning up to my training these past 3 weeks way below this post (I guess you can call it a long taper? ;))


On top of running around getting ready for the tri, I was also doing some major Iceland planning with Christine this week (we leave in FOUR DAYS. Oh my God). We finally finished booking everything, bought what we needed, and are basically set for this trip!!

This week was packed with fun things:

My first slam poetry experience: On Tuesday, Christine and I had a viewing party of Are You The One (super trashy MTV reality show…this is how we bond :)), followed by supporting our friend at Nuyorican Poetry Cafe in east village! It was beyond amazing. I absolutely loved hearing the different styles of spoken word poetry – some even made me tear up! I was so inspired that I’m trying to write some of my own now. We’ll see how that goes 😉

Celebrating our 1-year mark: This week marks my analyst class’s one year mark at the firm. WOW. I seriously can’t believe how fast time flies. We celebrated over drinks at Hotel Chantelle on Friday evening. It was the first time Phil, Scott, Alex and I got together in a long time. Everyone’s been running around this summer and it felt so good to have the crew back together. IMG_1622.JPG

Afterward, we all met up with Richard and some college friends for happy hour round 2. So interesting seeing my worlds collide. I’m so glad the friends in my life clicked with each other :). Then Phil and I found a charming ramen place in east village for a quick and easy dinner. Talking with Phil always gets my perspective on life back in shape.

Today, I’m spending the day studying, afternoon with Michelle (she just came back from a fun vacay in Miami! I can’t wait to catch up with this girl), and evening prepping for the tri!!


Week 9 of training:

Monday: 4 mile run

Tuesday: 5 mile run

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 3 mile run

Friday: 1 mile run

Saturday: REST

Sunday: 12 mile bike


Week 10 of training:

Monday: 1500m swim + 3 mile bike

Tuesday: 4 mile run

Wednesday: 5 mile run

Thursday: REST

Friday: REST

Saturday: REST

Sunday: 6 mile bike


Week 11 of training:

Monday: 3.5 mile run

Tuesday: 2.5 mile run + 8 mile bike

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 1.5 mile run

Friday: REST

Saturday: REST


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