The past two weeks!

Hey there, I’ve missed this blog! I’ve been super delinquent in updating…and to be honest it’s because I’ve been lazy in  my training and it’s hard to own up to that. I can’t believe my triathlon is exactly one week away! I’m filled with lots of thoughts, mostly nerves and doubt – I’ll go more into this later this week.

But for now, I want to update you on life! These past two weeks have been packed with fun things here in NYC – here are some highlights:

Lots of time with my #1

A general event that’s happened these past few weeks has been spending a lot of time with Michelle. Last weekend, we spent a FULL day together, which we haven’t done since Cape May. It was a lazy rainy day, filled with froyo, hitting the movies, tacos, and rejuvenated our souls.IMG_1450.JPG

We’ve also been a fan of sending each other voice memos to catch up on our lives. I think we have a problem.IMG_1445.PNG

Neon Indian concert

This past Tuesday, Christine, her room mate and I went to see a free concert at East River Park – Neon Indian! I discovered them when I was in London last summer, and instantly fell in love. They are a quirky group of guys, and the lead singer had some groovy dance moves 😉


My sister visiting NYC

This weekend, my sister came over to visit! It was packed with my favorite activities – Upright Citizens Brigade (the best improv club in the  city), thrift shopping, wandering East Village / St. Marks, and…THE BEACH.



Rock climbing 

I went to a rock climbing gym in Long Island City for the first time last week! Man did I feel like a newb. Rock climbing is no joke! I hadn’t felt that sore since my last marathon; there was soreness in muscles I didn’t even know existed. It was definitely a solid work out :), and BBQ afterward made it all worth it.


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