Discovering the track + waterfront fun + jello legs

Aren’t short weeks the best? This one flew by! Filled with easing back into life, recovering from Miami, (an attempt to) eating healthy, and hitting the ground running (pun intended?) with training.


Tuesday’s workout was 4 evening miles. I was absolutely STARVING after work and couldn’t wait to eat dinner, so I ran with leftover pad thai in my stomach. One lovely portion of the run was discovering the track at Astoria Park! I usually don’t love tracks, but this one was super dope, filled with runners doing laps and groups playing ultimate frisbee, doing pilates, working out together, etc. I just loved the fun / non-competitive vibe there.

Being on the track also gives me an urge to run just a little faster 😉 so my last mile was at tempo pace. I will definitely be hitting it up again! FullSizeRender.jpg


I got to work from home for the first time in 3 weeks! Did it feel maaad nice. I took advantage and slept in, leaving my swim workout for the afternoon. I attempted to check out the Astoria Park pool (outdoors & Olympic distance!), but between a massive heat wave hitting NYC and procrastinating my swim to a peak hour, every kid and their mothers were out swimming! I ended up biking around waiting for a good time, but the line was down the block (NO thank you). After that fail, I just hit up the usual LIC YMCA. 2500m swim + 8 miles of biking total.

The evening was a lovely one as I spent it with Michelle! I discovered a super bomb cafe near my apartment the other day called Create. Tons of healthy options from salads, sandwiches, quinoa bowls, yogurt, smoothies, the list goes on! We caught up over our dins and then did our favorite walk by the water <3.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

FullSizeRender (2).jpg


It was National Kissing Day, and we found this cool graffiti painting! Pretending to be #artsy.


The alarm went off and it was time to run…SO not feeling it. Still desperately needing to catch up on sleep + tough workouts the past 2 days + 8000 degrees in NYC = helloooo jello legs. This wasn’t the type of run where it took 2 miles of warming to feel good, oh no. Every step felt like PURE. PAIN. I wanted nothing more than to be transported back to my apartment.

I kept my head high though – not every work out is great, and it’s the bad runs that make the good ones feel even better! Something is better than nothing, and my day was much better with 3.5 miles in it than without.

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

After work, I hung out with Christine – we did our usual K-Town food court catch up. Then we shopped for bikinis after after deciding to hit up the beach this coming weekend (surprise surprise…the beach again). It’ll be nice to hang around there after my open water swim race. I’m actually getting SUPER freaking excited for it. Can’t wait to get some open water experience and try out a different type of race!!

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