Awesome discovery + birthday picnic + open water race/beach day + weeks 4 & 5 of training

This weekend hit my happy spot 🙂


I ended the work week on a happy note, but was feeling antisocial. I originally planned to just stay in and have a lazy night, and so I tuned into watching the 2015 Cross Fit Games on Netflix…and then had a complete 180. I was SO inspired by these amazing athletes – they are so determined and mentally strong, and what I loved most was that they were completely relatable and raw…I completely empathized with the emotional rollercoaster from competing/training, and the show made me want to lace up my shoes and run! It was around 9:30pm and pitch black, and I just set off.

I would say that was the first time I TRULY enjoyed street running. There was hardly any traffic, and I weaved my way through Astoria/LIC, eventually crossing the Queensboro bridge and turning around – 7 miles total!! I totally did NOT expect to run that far (let alone run at all) on Friday…but your body knows what it wants 🙂 I was so happy to have some time just to myself – no phone or music, just me and my run.

The night ended with an amazing discovery – I HAVE A ROOF TOP!!! I couldn’t believe it. Could my apartment be ANY cooler?! I will be spending a lot of time up there from here on out ;).


I got to sleep in Saturday since I technically got my long run out of the way the last night, but the relaxation didn’t last for long as I was scrambling to find a dish to bring to my friend’s birthday potluck picnic in Prospect Park. I asked a friend from work for recs and he suggested a quiche…at first I dismissed the idea thinking it was WAY out of my comfort zone, but after looking at some recipes it turned out to be super easy! I ended up improvising 2 ham/cheese/onion quiches Saturday morning, one for the picnic and one for Christine as a housewarming gift! (FYI, as a complete idiot I ended up leaving her quiche on the subway…I guess it’s the thought that counts?)


The picnic was super lovely! I was beyond ecstatic to reunite with the Miami girls (one week was too long to be apart). Lots of yummy food, drink, and Ample Hills ice cream :)…plus my quiche was the hit of the ball! Automatic happiness joking around with this group of friends, and a plus spending some time outdoors.

FullSizeRender (4).jpg



Afterward, I ventured my way to East Village to see Christine’s new apartment! Never gets old bumming around with her and her boyfriend (my favorite to third wheel!).


The night ended with sleeping early for the open water race in the morning (I’m not even gonna try and pretend I’m cool).


RACE DAY!!! I have so so SO much to say about it, so I will save it all for a separate race recap post :)…be on the look out.

Teaser – I got 3rd place overall female!!!!! I’m beyond humbled and stoked to have made it to the podium…I think the race ignited a love I put away and rediscovered again, swimming. I’ll definitely be seeking out more races/opportunities to swim!

Afterward, since I was already in the area, I spent some time beachin’ (surprise surprise…more beach). Christine and her boyfriend joined in the afternoon, and we had a blast drinking beers and joking around under the sun.


Sushi + watching The Big Short for dinner. Life is good 🙂

Week 4 of Tri Training

Monday: 4 miles run

Tuesday: 4 miles run

Wednesday: 2500m swim + 4 mile bike

Thursday: REST

Friday: REST – MIAMI

Saturday: REST – MIAMI

Sunday: REST – MIAMI

Week 5 of Tri Training

Monday: REST – MIAMI (5 days of rest in a row…yikes)

Tuesday: 4 mile run

Wednesday: 2500m swim + 8 mile bike

Thursday: 3.5 mile run

Friday: 7 mile run

Saturday: REST

Sunday: 2 mile open water swim!

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