Fitspirational books & movies list

I am a YUGE fan of active living/running/food/adventure documentaries and books. Here are some I’ve come across that have really made a mark in my life 🙂


Desert Runners

This one’s a real gem. It follows several runners who attempt finishing four of the most epic desert ultramarathons within one year. All the runners are so unique and from all around the world, and have a different set of struggles and goals they bring to the race. I must have cried over three times when I watched it. It will make you believe anything is possible ❤

Barkley Marathons

This documentary covers the quirkiest race ever! There’s no race like it. The runners are super down to earth – it will make you smile, gasp, cry, and everything in between. You just have to watch it for yourself ;).

Fed Up

I’ve always been super fascinated in the food production industry every since WWOOF-ing last year. This movie opened my eyes to how much power the USDA / FDA has over what we put in our mouths. It also made me realize how much sugar I’m eating on the daily! This documentary really was a turning point in how I approach what foods to eat.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Echoing Fed Up, this movie is about a man who turned his life around by going on a juicing spree. I don’t completely buy into juicing, but this movie really did/continues to inspire me to maintain a primarily plant-based diet. Great facts + very inspirational to see someone go through such a massive transformation!


Running on Empty, by Marshall Ulrich

Hands down my all time favorite running book. Marshall Ulrich is an ultramarathoner who journeyed across the U.S. on foot! What I love about this book is how he so eloquently reveals the thoughts he has during each mile, the good and the bad. He also ties in his cross-country journey with deeper rooted issues he faces such as the death of his wife, and how it impacted his life and running. I loved every word, and it’s especially relatable to distance runners!

Born to Run, by Christopher McDougall

This is on the top of most running book lists, but had to add it to mine. I instantly felt inspired to run after putting the book down. Christopher McDougall argues that we as humans are anatomically/by evolution built to run long distances. I don’t know if I buy into his whole barefoot running argument, but I believe every bit of us being born to run!

A Life Without Limits: A World Champion’s Journey, by Chrissie Wellington 

Chrissie Wellington is a badass. Period. I love reading books/learning about #strongindependentwomen and she is one of the coolest triathletes out there. This book is all about her journey to becoming the world’s top iron(wo)man, and I want nothing more than to follow in her footsteps!!

Wild, by Cheryl Strayd

Solid book (and movie! with the ever-so-beautiful Reese Witherspoon). Like in Running on Empty, I love how Cheryl Strayed ties her adventure hiking the Pacific Crest Trail with her haunting past and struggles she dealt with. I think most athletes will be able to relate to the fact that we embark on these long, tough journeys for many other reasons than the medal.

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