July 4th weekend in MIAMI!

WOW. Miami was hands down one of the funnest trips I’ve ever done. I was skeptical about embarking on a trip with major emphasis on partying, but it was everything I thought it would be AND MORE.

I went with my two old roommates, Trish and Nicky. We lived together in Tribeca for a year before I moved to Astoria last month, and in a few short days felt infinitely closer to them than ever. We saw each other at our happiest, not-so-happiest, and definitely craziest…they are just a ball of silliness and spontaneity, and I had more fun than I could have ever imagined.

Overall, Miami was filled with lazy days, crazy nights, meeting some very interesting people, lots of tacos, and countless unforgettable laughs, moments & memories.

Day 1 – Scoping out the scene + nightlife wake up call

We arrived Friday afternoon and went straight to our airbnb, which turned out to be a sweet hotel set up. We quickly unpacked our bags and made ourselves at home. The three of us then went to run errands – buy groceries, snacks, tequila ;), and walk around the neighborhood. We stayed South Beach, which is the Time Square of Miami. Since it was my first time in town I didn’t mind being in the heart – central, lively, and walking distance to the beach!

We then checked out Tequiza, a low-key taco outdoor cafe. Super bomb. It reminded me of my favorite taco place in NYC, but more flavorful and with the most unique chips I’ve ever tasted!


After a light dinner, we got ready for night #1. Three girls getting ready to go out is quite the event. We had a blast doing our make up, helping each other pick outfits, and pregaming.

I played bartender and made some super tasty drinks: tequila-infused pineapple bites + a tequila-orange-pineapple sweet creation 🙂  IMG_1128.JPG


And then – the night out! We used Friday to scope out the nightlife scene…and we discovered the hard truth about Miami: 1) you need to know promoters to get into any major club 2) girls do NOT have an advantage to cut in line/get in free as we do in NYC. We ended up getting into Story after waiting in line and paying a price, and we weren’t really feeling the EDM, lack-of-dancing vibe there. We then switched to Rockwell and didn’t have much success there either. After everything, we knew we would need a better game plan for the next time.

Day 2 – NICKY’S BIRTHDAY + beach + club redemption

Saturday was Nicky’s 24th birthday!!! ❤

We woke up at 11am and had a lazy morning lounging around and eating our grocery-breakfast in our hotel. Then, we hit up the BEACH!

Miami beach is actually really really nice. This blog knows by now that the beach is my happy spot <3.IMG_1228.JPG


After the beach, the three of us shared a bed for a nap together (awww). We woke up feeling super lazy and seamlessed some Mexican food for dinner (yea, we’re cool). Then it was time to get ready and hit the town again! This time for Nicky’s birthday 😉


This night was much more successful, thank God! With the help of a nice stranger, we got into Bodega, the top spot for Miami locals – it had a chill, clubby-but-not-to-clubby hip-hop dancing vibe which was PERFECT for our group (for the New Yorkers out there, I’d say it was the more upscale Penny Farthing of Miami). We had such a blast dancing away and meeting some pretty fun people while we were at it too 🙂


The night ended with spending some time on the beach (the beach at night is one of my favorite things). Overall an A+ night.

Day 3 – Longer beach day + Bodega round 2 

Another lazy morning sleeping in. This time we spent the entire afternoon and evening on the beach, getting our napping and tanning on. The water was an unbelievable shade of aqua-jade; I spent hours just floating/treading through the waves ❤



For dinner we ordered tacos for take out (can you tell we love Mexican?). I was surprisingly a huge fan of our chill dinners in – we could make ourselves comfortable, pop in a movie, plus it doesn’t hurt saving some bucks 😉

This was our last night in Miami and we made it count by finishing the rest of the alcohol in our apartment (yikes). We loved the spot from the previous night and didn’t want to risk going to a meh club like the first night, so we hit Bodega again!


SUCH A BLAST in every way shape and form. Trish and Nicky are such fun and open gals, and we were crushing it on the dance floor. We met some cool friends in Bodega and hung out with them at their pool afterwards – I couldn’t imagine a perfect end to our last night in Miami ❤

Day 4 – goodbye Miami!

We flew back pretty early (regrets regrets booking a flight before noon…) and before I knew it, I was back in my apartment. It honestly all felt like a dream. I smile so hard just thinking of all the hilarious, chill, perfect, not perfect moments of the trip, and it’s definitely a bit of struggle thinking of going back to real life tomorrow!

I unfortunately didn’t do any sort of physical activity on the trip…ha! Who was I kidding thinking I would be able to work out. Between the endless tacos, drinking, and sleeping at 5am every night, it’s definitely going to take me several days to get back on track with tri training, sleep schedule, and feeling myself again. My open water 2-miler swim race is in 6 days, so I will need to focus on being recovered and ready for that.

Thank you Miami for all the memories <3!!!

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