Exciting new summer race! + quiet Friday

Got some exciting new plans to share with you all! Back when I announced my race plans,  I had my heart set on doing a shorter/fun summer race before the the triathlon…and after lots of googling & soul searching, I’ve finally found the one. 

I’m officially registered for the Coney Island 2-Mile Open Water Swim on July 10th!!!!!


I seriously could NOT be more pumped. I think it’s the perfect tune up race and a great way to test out the open water before the triathlon. In my last post, I mentioned doing a swim trial this past week – basically I spent some extra time at the pool Wednesday morning to test myself with this distance and see if I could potentially handle 2 miles in a month or so. There was a 1 mile and 1/2 mile race option I was considering as a fall back…but my gut was inching me to shoot high.

I did a 3 x 1000m set with 30 seconds of rest in between. It went SWIMMINGLY ;). After the second set I knew I was ready for the race. It’s just about putting in the time and having the patience to complete the distance, but fitness-wise I’ll be there. Of course, this was all decided/evaluated in the awkward YMCA pool, and I hope I’m not completely underestimating the difficulty of open water swimming…but here we are – registration in line! I couldn’t be more excited.

Please share with me tips, to anyone who has ever swam in open water!! 

Friday: I imsomniatically hopped out of bed at 5:30am, and I decided to get my long run done a day early. 5 lovely miles along the Astoria/LIC waterfront.

Later on, our firm held a fun little “around the world” event, with food and drank from tons of countries. I must have had 4 shots/drinks with obscure liquors with labels I couldn’t even recognize the language…afterwards I seamlessed some pad thai and watched How To Be Single (#turnup).

Later, Phil spontaneously came to Astoria to chillax for a bit! Phil and I met day one of training back in our intern days and have been close friends ever since. I now sit 3 feet away from him every day, and he’s also only a 10 minute bike ride away ever since my move! (he’s probably less thrilled about this than I am…I get to bother him ALL the time now :P)


We shared a bowl of green tea ice cream rolls at Sunberi. Twice in one week…can you tell I’m obsessed?

Happy weekend y’all!!!

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