Things I’m LOVING (and not loving) about triathlon training

Things I’m LOVING about Triathlon Training

  1. My energy level – after a few marathon cycles, I forgot what it was like to NOT feel completely dead after a workout! It got to the point where I had to work from home the days I was scheduled to run over 10 miles because I would be so tired. Now, my body is LOVING this more-frequent-less-volume training. I’ve been feeling even more energetic after working out for the first time in forever.
  2. Sore legs no more! – on the same front, I’m loving the balance my body is feeling from these varied workouts. I don’t remember the last time I hit up my upper body…but now my hamstrings are singing “HALLELUJAH” while my chest, shoulders, and quads are taking some of the load for once 🙂
  3. Early start to the day – I’m an extreme morning person, and so I’ve been sticking to working out in the AM. It’s super refreshing to get my workout done early and getting that boost of momentum to carry me through whatever craziness comes after. Earliest start was today…5:45am wake up call to do a swim trial (more on that in a later post!). It’s a pretty dope feeling to get more done before 9am than most people get done all day (Gilmore Girls ref anyone?)IMG_0990 (1).JPG
  4. Craving non-processed food – I don’t know about you, but I generally eat more healthily when I’m training for something vs off season. Lately, I’ve been buying local produce and trying new recipes, particularly ones filled with fruits and vegs! (green smoothies have also been my thang these days). Last night, I was craving ice cream – I remembered my brother raving about an easy frozen banana + cocoa powder recipe he would make that “tasted just like ice cream.” I now regret giving him so much crap for it back then because I tried it out, and it was heaven in an easy breezy vegan bowl. I will be making it many more times in the future.  IMG_1004.JPG
  5. Wanting to try everything new – something about tri training has made me so much more open minded. While running gave me stability and routine, the triathlon is giving me a thirst for variety and spontaneity! Each time I go for a workout, I try a different route/drill/playlist, and this has transferred to other parts of my life too. I’ve been spending my evenings finding new cafes/dessert places, taking walks around my neighborhood, going to the movies, reading outside, building a blog… ;). I feel like I have my life back.


  1. Awkward length of the pool – for some reason, the LIC YMCA decided to be 23.5m long…I don’t know if it’s muscle memory from my glory swimming days or what, but each time I go in for the flip turn, I come up long and slam into the wall. Each lap is so short and it feels like I’m spending more time flipping and stream lining than actually working on my stroke development 😦
  2. Street running – since moving to my new apartment, I’ve been sticking to the streets for running because it’s really the only option around me. Not ideal. Although the Astoria streets are WAY more run-able than Manhattan, I do have to stop every quarter mile or so for traffic. I joined the Planet Fitness a few blocks away so this all might mean more qual time with the treadmill.
  3. My bike’s little-too-large frame – my heart drops putting my dear baby bikey on the hate list, but sadly the mileage I’ve been riding at has been tough on some parts of my body…and it’s mostly due to the frame being too large. I bought my vintage Ross off of Craigslist during my intern days in Brooklyn. The original owner was a good 4 inches taller than me (but I decided to overlook that small fact). I’m pretty conflicted on whether I want to get a new bike for this race…I don’t usually get sentimental with material things but, oh GOD, I don’t know if I’m ready to let this one go. After everything me and good ol’ bikey has been though, I think he deserves to make it to the race. We’ll just have to see how training goes.

Eager to see how these lists evolve through training!! 🙂

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