Spontaneous Monday + first trifecta! + this is what I’m suppose to be doing

Today was a big day – the first day I swam, biked, AND ran – the first trifecta! No specific reason other than because I just felt like it :).

The day called for a swim workout in the early AM. I do add in biking a bit on swim days since it’s the fastest way to get to and from the Y. The workout was pretty chill – 45 solid minutes of freestyle laps and some kicks.

The additional workout decision was after dinner – something in me ignited…I needed to run. Maybe it was some built up anxiety from just watching season 4 finale of Breaking Bad, or inching to get out of the apartment to enjoy the beautiful weather, but I just laced up my shoes and got out there. I sure love that about running: you can just get up and go.


I was so full on dinner but my stomach was handling the run surprisingly fine. I’m so happy I got to ride one of the most amazing runner’s highs I’ve ever felt. The peak was reaching the waterfront in Astoria Park right at sunset…I was blown away. Being near water + high on endorphins is the easiest way to make me happy. As I was running, I just thought: “this is what I should be doing.” All my doubts about if I could do a triathlon went away. Everything about harnessing what I truly wanted (see my milestone method post for more on this!), making the decision to get out for the evening and try something new, and reaching that moment by the water…I felt like everything fell into place. And I felt nothing but #bless.

Each time I run, I feel this deep connection with nature, and there’s a part of me that feels so right. And for those brief minutes of the day, those minutes are mine and only mine…it was the perfect evening and end to the trifecta.


Backing up to yesterday – also a fabulous day! After work, Christine spontaneously visited me in Astoria (I am so loving all the visits from friends!). We had some pretty bomb diggity baos from Bau Shoppe, a sweet hipster Asian fusion cafe nearby.


Afterwards, we went to Sunberi Cafe which had fun little ICE CREAM ROLLS! They taste the same as ice cream but were fun and novel to look at. I love being with Christine and talking about everything about our lives from the moon and back. We both just feel so good and positive after our talks, and I always get a good ab workout from laughing at our ridiculous moments 🙂 (ie, Christine losing my address and knocking on random doors to find me yesterday).


Did I mention we are 5 years old?

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