2 Andrew visits + training week 1

Lucky lucky me to have the two Andrews in my life visit me this weekend!


The beginning of the day was a quiet one. I ran my 4 miles with 2 miles in Astoria Park – never will I worry about not getting in enough hill workouts again; the park is no joke!

After showering and making myself lunch, I checked out the Welling Court Mural Project in Astoria: a project where 50 or so well known street artists painted different walls/gates/corners of the neighborhood. So amazing to see what these talented people could do. I’m new to the street art scene and am so diggin’ it! While I was watching one guy paint, someone next to me pointed out that he was a pretty famous old-school street artist who went my Smith. He was painting a mural dedicated to his brother; I must have stared in wonder for a good 10 minutes. FullSizeRender (12).jpg

This one was my favorite.


In the evening, I had been DYING to try out this crepe place near my apartment, T-Swirl Crepe. If you happen to be venturing in Astoria, you absolutely MUST try this place! All the crepes were in the $6-8 price range. My crepe had matcha ice cream, matcha yogurt custard, red beans, strawberries…I can die happy.


Again, I spent the evening with Aziz, and I sadly must admit that I’m officially giving up on his book. It’s just not at all what I thought it would be. I was expecting original, funny commentary about the modern dating scene, but instead he takes a more sociologial research/data-driven approach and feeds you fact after fact…there are so many books out there like this, with even more credible research might I add. I’m sadly disappointed. Next up on my reading list: Finding Ultra by Rich Roll!

Later in the night, my brother came over!! Andrew #1. He had a wedding in Flushing and conveniently crashed at my place. We caught up over beer and whiskey at Domine’s – awesome dive bar on 30th Ave, not crowded, chill, awesome playlist, and cheap pizza for the late night hungry ones! Afterwards we unwinded at a hookah lounge in Little Egypt before calling it a night.


In the morning, my bro and I had brunch at Bare Burger – it was their 7th birthday so they gave us a free s’mores sundae (WIN). He left for Boston soon after. Thank you for visiting broski!!


In the afternoon, Andrew #2 came by! My oldest friend in the world. It’s impossible to not be in a hilarious great mood when I’m with him. Andrew was studying abroad in Barcelona this past year and is going back abroad to teach English for the summer. I’m so glad I got to spend some of his last moments in the U.S. together!

We had the most lovely evening drinking beers at Bohemian Hall Beer Garden – another amazing Astoria gem discovered this weekend. Lots of outdoor seating surrounded by food & drink stands; it felt like a huge picnic party! We had the best time laughing over our ridiculous stories this past year.


Overall a heart-warming weekend in Astoria filled with old & new! Very anxious to keep training this week and see how progress goes :).

Week 1 of Tri Training:

Monday: 3.8 mile run

Tuesday: 3 mile run, 13 mile bike

Wednesday: 40 min swim, 4 mile bike

Thursday: REST

Friday: 6 mile bike

Saturday: 4 mile run

Sunday: REST

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