Surprise visit to New York for Mother’s Day

Hello friends! I’m blogging from a flight back to San Francisco after a wonderful week in my hometown in upstate New York. This visit was somewhat impromptu as my siblings and I planned a surprise visit for Mother’s Day. This past week was so enjoyable and gave me that special rejuvenation that comes with family time. Plus, it happened to be the most gorgeous weather in New York, and all the vitamin D made it feel like a mini-vacation. 🙂 

Our visit was centered around surprising my mom for Mother’s Day. There was quite a bit of coordination as I had to trek across the country to my hometown. My siblings both drove from Pittsburgh – a 7-hour drive. Our coordination was spot on as the three of us arrived at our agreed-upon meeting point at the same time (almost to the minute). 

From there, we drove to our parent’s house for the big surprise. We rang the doorbell, and both my mom and dad answered. Their reaction was priceless. Total shock and happiness all around. It was probably the best thing we’ve ever done for Mother’s Day. I’m very close to my mom and I think she’s the most selfless, caring person in the world. I’m so glad our surprise visit made her feel special. 

On actual Mother’s Day, my siblings, my mom, and I went to a brewery in our hometown, Obercreek Farm. Apparently, it’s a top 50 brewery in the United States, and this was our first time going. As an adult, I appreciate my hometown so much more as I’m constantly discovering these gems I never knew about. We sat in the sun, sampled their craft beers, and listened to live music. What a treat. 

The brewery was also a working farm, so there was plenty of open space to roam around. 

We kept the Mother’s Day party going, and the next day, we went out for a family dinner at a new restaurant in town. They had both Chinese hot pot and Korean barbeque, two of my favorite things to eat. There was so much selection, and we stuffed our faces with all the different meats and seafood. This was a special experience as our family doesn’t eat out that much, and when we do, it’s usually the Chinese buffet. It was fun to treat our parents and have a new experience together as a family.  

Our visit also corresponded with my dad’s birthday, so it was an extra festive week. My dad turned 60, and we had a low-key celebration with cake – just the way my dad prefers. 😉  

My siblings left a few days before me, so I had plenty of 1-on-1 time with my mom. We took walks around Vassar College, a beautiful campus near our home and one of our favorite places to roam. We also ate a few meals out, went shopping, and had movie nights. ❤ 

Between the activities, the rest of our time was spent relaxing at our house. I forgot how nice New York is in the spring as I’ve only visited during the holidays over the last few years. The warm, comfortable spring weather meant shorts and flip-flops and spending plenty of time on our front porch. 

My brother brought his dog, Constantine, which is always a highlight. He brought so much joy and gave me an excuse to take walks around the neighborhood. 

Last but not least, I spent a little time in New York City for the first time in years! JFK airport in NYC is the closest airport to my hometown, and instead of getting a ride from my parents, I took public transportation and spent a few hours in the city before my flight. I caught up with Christine, who long-time blog readers might remember as one of my closest friends from my NYC days. We met while interning at the same job in college, and we developed a strong bond and we know each other inside-out. We’ve done a good job at keeping in touch since I moved out of NYC 6 years ago, and it felt like no time passed when we saw each other again. A short visit but it meant so much to me!

After an amazing week, I’m heading back to San Francisco! It’s bittersweet leaving my parents, but I’m excited to get back to Joe and the new apartment. This visit brought me energy, and I’m very grateful for this precious family time. ❤

6 thoughts on “Surprise visit to New York for Mother’s Day

  1. What a beautiful surprise for Mother’s Day! Your visit to New York sounds amazing, filled with precious moments and delightful experiences with your family. Cherish those memories and safe travels back to San Francisco!

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