Double holiday festivities + arcade night + cat visit

Hello hello, and happy Chinese New Year to those who are celebrating!

I had a pretty relaxed CNY this year. I cooked my favorite Chinese dish to Joe, Sam, and Christina (our friends we’re living with right now). The dish was a hit, and it was so nice to share a piece of my life with them. CNY is the biggest holiday for Chinese people, and I have memories of attending huge Chinese parties in my hometown, eating my mom’s handmade dumplings, and getting red envelopes full of cash as a kid…

I shared this with Sam and Christina while we ate dinner, and the next day, I woke up to these red envelopes! I was so surprised and filled with happiness. Just one of many instances of Sam and Christina being such amazing, thoughtful people. ❤

This was a double holiday week as it was also Martin Luther King day. Our crew invited another friend over for a barbecue. We got blessed with beautiful weather in the 70’s, and it was the perfect day to spend outdoors.

We lit a fire, grilled dinner, and chatted away. I love Sam and Christina’s property as it’s vast and isolated, and we can enjoy the peaceful nature. The whole day was rejuvenating.

Later in the week, Joe and I met up with his sister, Anna, for dinner and arcade fun! I hadn’t seen Anna since we left for our RV road trip in October, and it was so nice to catch up. We had a blast playing the different arcade games. We spent all our tokens on a whoopee cushion and used it to prank Sam. Worth every penny.

I also won a stuffed meerkat from one of those vending machines with a claw attached to a crane. It made my life.

We made a brief visit to Joe’s parents house where we saw our cats. They are both living with Joe’s parents at the moment since Sam is allergic to cats. I missed them like crazy, and it was so nice to give them a big squeeze.

Joe introduced me to Cowboy Chicken, and now we go 2-3 times a week. It’s SO delicious and worth the 30-minute drive into town. 🙂

Other than that, our week was pretty low key. I’m really enjoying it here and so grateful for the company…

…And for Mordecai, of course. He gets more attached each day, and he’s now my little buddy going everywhere I go. ❤

Love and light to you all!

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