RV camping weekend in Carmel, CA

This past weekend, we did something new…RV camping! We rented an RV and headed down to a nice campsite in the coastal town of Carmel (2.5 hours south of SF), where we spent 2 nights. I had never gone RV camping before and was excited to try it out. The main purpose of this trip was to experiment with living in an RV, as this is something Joe and I are considering for our lives. ๐Ÿ™‚

As I went through my phone, I realized we didnโ€™t take that many photos over the weekend. I think that sums up our camping trip, as it was less about doing activities, but rather simply enjoying a slower pace of life.

The RV we rented was quite spacious and comfortable. From living in NYC and SF my whole adult life, I am used to small spaces, and this was a cozy space that met all our needs.

We stayed at Saddle Mountain Ranch in Carmel, a large forested campsite on the outskirts of Carmel. It was a peaceful campsite with solid amenities – the public restrooms were very clean and there was even a pool! This definitely felt like a bougie campsite, but I guess that’s Northern California for you. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We enjoyed chilling on the property and enjoying all the amenities.

Our parking spot was cozy and private, and we even had a whole patch of grass to ourselves. It was the perfect place to park our vehicle and make our little home.

Our main activity over the weekend was a hike close to the campsite. There was a trail that had sweeping views of Carmel.

As camping life goes, there was a lot of downtime. We enjoyed sitting around, hanging out at camp, and getting fresh air. We also felt somewhat limited with our RV as it was a hassle to drive around, so we were hesitant to leave the campsite.

We cooked all our meals in the RV. Our meals were pretty simple – sandwiches, burgers, etc. can you tell we love bbq chips?

The less glamorous side of RV travel – lots of cleaning up and maintenance.

This whole weekend experience was an incredibly helpful learning experience! Both Joe and I are fascinated with RV living, and we left with about a thousand takeaways. It was the perfect, low-key weekend activity to escape the SF fog.

It’s been ~5 weeks since returning from Asia, and I’m looking forward to actually having downtime the next few weeks. All this domestic travel crept up on us, and I have to say, I’m feeling pretty pooped! I’m excited to stay put in SF for a few more weeks before my next chapter in Asia. ๐Ÿ™‚

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