Sarah/Dave’s engagement picnic + cable car museum + winter in Japan Town + brother visiting

And somehow we are already in December. I feel like last week finally started feeling like winter with the short days and breezy temps finally hitting SF. My energy has mostly been on work where there are endless things to wrap up before the holidays. Outside of that, we did get out for some fun things over the weekend.

On Saturday, our usual friend group got together for something very special…Dave proposed to Sarah and invited us all to celebrate afterwards! We got together for a picnic at Golden Gate Park, and it was so special to be part of the excitement fresh after the proposal. I’ve known Sarah since my first year of living in SF when we were both single before meeting our beaus…now she is engaged to Dave who is just wonderful, and I’m so happy for them.

On Sunday, Joe found a unique activity for us…there’s a cable car museum in Nob Hill, which is still actively running all the original cable cars in San Francisco (if you’ve ever visited SF, you’ve probably seen the charming trollies drive by). In all my years of living here, I didn’t even know this existed, so I was excited to try something new.

Inside the museum was very industrial as it was still activating the cable car lines across the city. You can see the big wheels are labeled based on the street.

We learned about the history of cable cars — they go pretty far back and I’m glad the city preserved them after all these years.

Looking at old pictures.

After the museum, we strolled around Nob Hill and took in the amazing views from the neighborhood. I rarely come out to Nob Hill so it was a treat to explore a new part of the city.

In the evening, we walked to Japan Town for dinner. I love Japan Town because it’s a small pocket of the city with no cars and it feels like you’re in a totally different city. Christmas lights illuminated the trees and there was a cozy vibe.

We had sushi off a conveyer belt for dinner. This used to be me and Joe’s favorite dinner spot but we hadn’t been since COVID because it was shut down (flashback when we used to come once a week). 🙂

Lastly, my brother was in town for the weekend! He flew all the way from Pittsburgh to spend time with his grad school friends. He did get to sneak in dinner with me and Joe on Monday. We went to a Puerto Rican spot in the Haight that had really good food for an underrated cuisine. I was happy my brother saw a slice of my life in SF for the first time, and we’re excited for more family time in our hometown in 2 weeks. 🙂

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