SF indian summer at our favorite parks

Hello everyone! I’m finally back in the Bay after two busy but very fulfilling months of travel. While I already miss the excitement of being a nomad, all this time away has made me appreciate my San Francisco home.

One thing that provided a nice welcome back was SF’s “indian summer” (fall months are the warmest time of year here). I remember before we left for Mexico in July, I was SO sick of the chilly, foggy summer. I broke down to Joe, “I am NEVER spending another summer in SF!”…I admit I was a bit dramatic, and I’m very grateful to come back to the beautiful, sunny, upbeat city that I love.

First things first, we brought back one of Joe’s cats to my apartment! I missed him so much while he was living in Joe’s apartment all summer (it was cheaper to pay a cat-sitter to visit one place). He’s in cat heaven being around humans again and I’m soaking up all the cuddles to make up for lost time. ❤

Other than that, my week has been on the chill side as I’ve been adjusting to west coast time, catching up on work, and recovering from a back injury that I’ve completely neglected the past few months (I started physical therapy last week).

We got out for some outdoors time over the weekend – fall is the liveliest time of year in SF. On Saturday, Joe and I went to our favorite barbecue spot for lunch, 4505 BBQ. They have a nice outdoor patio and the best bbq in the city.

Afterwards, we headed one block over to Alamo Square Park and laid out in the sun. We had a view of the Painted Ladies (the houses from “Full House”) and it was very quintessential SF.

The next day, Sunday, had pretty much the same agenda. This time, we headed to the Mission for lunch at Senor Sesig, one of my favorite Filipino spots in the city.

Then we went to Mission Dolores Park for our picnic. First weekend back and we crammed in all the best SF parks. 😉

The rest of the weekend was filled with cleaning up around the apartment, watching movies, and playing with the cats. Perfecto 🙂

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