Liberated! + first run nerves + korean bbq celebration + peaceful garden time

Hey you guys! Things have been pretty tame around here. I skipped last week’s post because there honestly wasn’t much going on, but after racking up a few updates I’m excited to be connect with you all again!

Last week I went on my first run in TWO MONTHS. That was my longest break from running ever since high school…but I decided to pause running until we didn’t need masks anymore in SF. But one day last week I decided to mask-it-up and run anyways. Is it just me or does anyone also get nervous when you run for the first time after a long break? It’s like I was scared I would forget or something. 😛 Luckily it went pretty well as I think all my yoga/pilates/dancing have lent themselves nicely to running. It definitely got me excited to get back into it!

Running selfie

An exciting highlight of last week…I FINALLY GOT VACCINATED!!!!! California recently opened up eligibility to the general public, and I was trying ALL week to get an appointment. Then leave it to Scott (my good friend from NYC who now lives in SF too) to try one time and score appointments for both me and Joe – I guess some of us are luckier than others. Let me tell you, I felt like a new person after getting my first shot. Liberated is the word! Just knowing there is an end in sight makes me beyond relieved.

Covid vaccine selfie

Funny enough, the first thing I did after getting vaxxed was open my google doc and plan the rest of my year. I definitely want to go ham this year with travel to make up for lost time. I’m so excited to resume international traveling even if there are a limited number of places.

Joe and I also went on a celebration dinner after getting our shots. We headed to the Sunset and hit up a Korean bbq spot. It was Joe’s first time having k-bbq and he asked “wait…do we have to cook this ourselves?” So cute.

Korean barbecue in sunset district

The next day I was feeling pretty tired and guessed it was from the vaccine. I took it easy in the morning and rested up.

Rachel came over in the afternoon to go for a hike in the Presidio. She also dropped off some plants since she’s moving out of the Bay next weekend! *Cry*. Rachel is a PhD student and is spending time traveling while writing her dissertation. I’m going to miss her so much but am so grateful for the past few months together!! She really brightened up a difficult year and it was so nice having someone who was down for anything.

Monstera plant

Sunday was a lovely day. I spent the morning chilling in Joe’s backyard while Joe did some gardening. His neighbor dropped off some freshly grown lemons and they were the sweetest lemons I ever had! I felt like a celebrity sitting in my California backyard sipping my fresh-squeezed lemonade. Little things to be grateful for 🙂

Fresh squeezed lemons in water
Boyfriend gardening

The cat came out to hang for a bit. He goes crazy for any outdoors time.

Cat on leash in garden

Such a simple morning brought me so much gratitude. Work has been crazy stressful lately and I needed this time to think through things. I’m definitely trying to figure out how to be less stressed since I know this is not healthy for the long term.

SF backyard garden with wine barrels

In the afternoon, Joe and I went to our favorite lunch spot in Japan Town and walked around Lands End. All our favorites in one.

Lunch in Japan town

Lastly, I put the finishing touches on my kitchen makeover by wall-papering my fridge! I used contact paper which is basically removable wall paper, and I love how this adds a touch of color to the large white canvas that was my fridge.

Hippie surfer kitchen makeover
Colorful contact paper on fridge


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