Berkeley day trip: hiking and flea market + switching roles for videos

Happy day-lights savings! I was very excited for this time change since it feels like the official start of spring. Now I have a few things to share today…

First off, I’m LOVING the plants from Joe’s garden for my own apartment decor. Joe grew these bunny tails and dried them; they go perfectly with this dried lavender that I stuck in an apothecary vase (I have a few of these around the apartment).

Bunny tails and dried lavender in apothecary vase

After work on Friday, we headed to Lands End for golden hour. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve seen the California coast. It’s crazy to think I use to live 2 blocks from the ocean in my old Marina apartment. As much as I love my new place in the Haight, the water is definitely one thing I miss…just makes me more grateful when I do see the coast again.

Lands End SF
Sutro baths selfie

Joe and I hadn’t left SF in a few weeks, so on Saturday we ventured out for a day trip to Berkeley. People in Easy Bay would laugh hearing Berkeley called a “day trip” from SF (it is only 40 minute drive), but us city dwellers in San Francisco consider anything outside of the city a trek πŸ˜›

First, we visited Tilden Regional Park for a hike. It was a gloomy morning but it still felt refreshing to be in the forest and switch it up from our usual SF city hikes.

Hiking in Berkeley CA

We did an easy 2 mile hike that brought us up to some nice views of easy bay.

Tilden Regional Park hiking
View point at Tilden Regional Park

Luckily the sun came out after our hike. But first, some work in the car. Joe’s job requires him to be on call at times so we sometimes need to adjust our plans to make sure he is near a laptop, has internet service, etc. It’s something we’re use to and I admire Joe’s ability to balance work and life!

Working in the car

We then headed to the Berkeley Flea Market. I love a good flea market but the ones in SF can be so expensive and bougie! This one was the opposite but it definitely had more of a garage sale vibe versus an artist/creator vibe. I did score a few new pieces for my new apartment as my next little project is giving my kitchen a makeover. πŸ™‚

Berkeley flea market
Shopping for sunglasses at Berkeley flea market

After shopping, we headed into downtown Berkeley closer to the UC Berkeley campus to grab some lunch. I loved the vibe downtown as it is very walkable and metropolitan, but more casual and full of young people as college towns typically are. We were super hungry and had barbecue for lunch.

Barbecue lunch in Berkeley

Later that afternoon, Joe and I worked on a special project…Joe has been working hard on his garden and he wanted to spread the love and film a tutorial on how to propagate plants. I’m so impressed by his knowledge of gardening and hope this video will be helpful for others!

Filming a plant tutorial on propagating plants

Unlike my apartment video, this time Joe was in front of the camera while I filmed. It was eye opening switching roles this time as I learned a lot about the work that goes into capturing a good shot. It definitely gives me more appreciation for Joe’s expertise in working a camera. Overall we had a great time bouncing off ideas and filming. It’s been a lot of fun expanding on this blog and creating videos together – I can’t wait to share the final tutorial here!

Big camera equipment filming a plan tutorial

Sunday was a rainy day, but luckily I fit in a hip hop dance class in the morning before the rain hit. I went to this dance fitness class for the first time last week. I absolutely loved it and knew I had to go back again! It was just as much fun as I remembered, and I am getting better at the complicated foot-work as there were some repeat songs from last time.

Hip hop dance class outdoors in the Panhandle SF

The rest of the day looked like this as we stayed indoors from the rain. We watched PBS documentaries and I started planning my new kitchen. My couch is kind of small so this is one way for us to both fit lying down πŸ˜‰

Fitting onto a small couch

Be well my friends!

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