Beach day in Pacifica + outdoor event with deep house and tacos + feeling excited again

Hey friends! It’s been BEAU-TI-FUL here in San Francisco lately, which meant lots of time in the sun last week. I have lots of fun things to share so let’s dive right in:

Friday: Team Picnic at Golden Gate Park

After work on Friday, I organized a picnic for my team at work at Golden Gate Park. We hadn’t seen each other in-person since March, despite plenty of time on video chat daily :). I bought tons of drinks, snacks, and my famous watermelon cocktail. It was so nice to see everyone again and catch up on non-work shenanigans. Also, plus ones were invited which made it extra festive, and Joe got to bond with my teammates as well. A great start to the weekend!

Saturday: Beach day in Pacifica

The next day started on the early side, as Rachel picked me up first thing in the morning to venture off for a beach day. It was 80 degrees and sunny which was the perfect excuse to get our tan on and chillax on the sand.

We started off by picking up pumpkin spice lattes. Being from the east coast, I LOVE the fall, but it feels kind of weird doing fall things in SF where it still feels like summer! Nevertheless, I indulged in my PSL and loved every drop.

Next we drove south of SF to Pacifica, and landed at the secluded Montara State Beach. It was 10 minutes further from Pacific State Beach where most people usually go, and turned out to be SUCH a score. The beach was so wide and uncrowded, surrounded by beautiful rocky formations that Pacifica is known for. We put out a blanket and relaxed, listened to music, read, and enjoyed the beach views.

Montara State Beach
beach day

After a few hours on the beach, Rachel and I ventured out for a late lunch at Old Princeton Landing. It was a cute surfer restaurant with a huge menu filled with seafood and local micro-brews – my fave! We sat in the back patio where it was filled with pumpkins and fall decorations, and we ate, drank a few beers, and chatted away under the sun.

Before we knew it, it was close to sunset. We decided to head right back to the beach to enjoy the last remains of the day. This time, we drove to Gray Whale Cove, a smaller beach beneath some stairs into a beautiful cove – we laid out a blanket again and enjoyed the colorful sunset before driving back home. Perfection.

sunset at Pacifica
friends on beach

Sunday: Exploring Japan Town + deep house afternoon at Public Works

The next morning, Joe and I took it easy. We walked over to Fillmore Street where we picked up some coffee (and a PSL #2 for me!) and some pumpkin bread. Can you tell I really love fall? πŸ˜›

coffee break

We continued exploring up and down Fillmore, and eventually made our way to Japan Town. Flashback to when Joe and I would eat at the Japan Town mall almost once a week! We hadn’t been back since COVID, and it was so exciting to see the mall reopen. We explored the little shops and went on a shopping spree for Asian snacks.

After a lunch break and nap, Joe and I ventured back out for an outdoor event at Public Works, my favorite venue in SF for deep house music and Burner events. I’ve so missed going out at night and was excited when I saw Public Works reopened for outdoor dining and music. The vibe was pretty chill, as most people were sitting around eating and drinking versus dancing.

public works SF

We still had a blast enjoying the deep house DJs and eating tacos until sunset. Rachel even came by and joined the fun! I’m so happy to see my favorite venues open back up and really hope they come of this alive. I also love day partying more than night time anyways, so these new outdoor set ups are my jam πŸ™‚

partying ourdoors

Overall I’ve been feeling much more positive and hopeful lately. Over the summer, I was feeling super trapped having to stay home all the time. It felt like things would never pick up and it was daunting thinking about living like this for the long term. But these last few weeks, there has been so much more going on and activities to enjoy. I’m starting to feel β€œnormal” again and excited for the future for the first time. πŸ™‚

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