Another week of social distancing

I hope you all are staying safe! It is now week 3 of full lockdown in SF, which has basically felt like a looong stay-cation where every day looks the same. I’ve been enjoying waking up on my own time, doing my work without the adrenaline/stress of the office, and having ample time to run/walk everyday and spend time with Joe.

I feel fortunate since San Francisco is one of the best places in the world to be on lockdown – there are so many parks/trails/running paths nearby. Every day I try and take 2 walks to get some Vitamin D and break up the day.

Some days Joe and I switched it up and had a picnic at the park. Alta Plaza has been our regular go-to.

Quarantine buddies
San Francisco picnic

Over the weekend, we drove outside SF and hiked around Lake Anza in Berkeley. It was refreshing to get out of the city and check out new regional parks that have been on my list.

Lake Anza hike
Couple hiking in berkeley

Other than ample outdoorsy time, I’ve been spending a lot of time on my baby Taylor guitar! I learned guitar in high school but haven’t played much in recent years…it’s been fun picking it up again :P. Plus, Joe is my biggest fan and jam session buddy (on top of being my quarantine buddy) which has made it even more special ❤

Acoustic guitar

Lastly, some family time over the weekend. It was our first time having a family meeting over Zoom and I’m grateful this outbreak has sparked us to all connect virtually.

Family chat on zoom

While it’s been so nice to take things slowly and have lots of time in nature, I am starting to get restless as there’s only so many hikes you can do in the area…however I’m trying to stay positive and focus the things I DO have (versus the things I don’t).

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