Indie concert night + sunny afternoon at Dolores Park + celebration steak dinner + Superbowl party in Atherton

As you can tell from the title, last weekend was a packed one! I had a rough week at work and was definitely excited to spend the weekend surrounded by loved ones and filled with distractions. Joe and I had several things planned but we also kept it open for relaxation and spontaneity… 🙂

Friday: City of the Sun Concert

To kick off the weekend, Joe and I had something unique planned. I saw on Facebook that indie band City of the Sun was touring in town and I immediately was excited. They’re an indie-acoustic trio that I’ve been following for years – (flashback to my NYC days when I watched them play in Union Square.) Since then they’ve become decently famous and we jumped on tickets to see them.

Joe and I started off at Kava Lounge. Best place for an alcohol-alternative night 🙂 We caught up on our weeks and just being in Joe’s presence made me feel loved after a difficult week.

Then, we headed to Great American Music Hall for the show! It was the perfect-sized venue for this indie group. I appreciated the smaller crowd as everyone was just there for the music. City of the Sun was pretty no-frills in terms of stage production and it was the perfect, chill night of high-quality music.

City of the sun

We LOVED the venue. Historical unique architecture behind the colorful lights – so unique! Joe and I had a wonderful time and got excited for more of these indie concerts in the future!

Great American music hall

Saturday: B. Patisserie + Dolores Park + Mission errands + steak dinner

We slept in Saturday and slowly eased into the day. Our only plans were dinner reservations later and we had the entire day to fill.

We found a pastry shop near Joe’s apartment called B. Patisserie – I visited 6 years ago when I came to SF for the first time. It was so memorable that I’ve been wanting to go back ever since. The line went out the door but it was SO worth it – their chocolate kouign amanns were to DIE for.

B patisserie

After pastries, Joe had a few errands to run and we made a fun afternoon out of it. First, Joe had to get his car’s oil changed and we found a spot in the Mission. That basically dictated the rest of our afternoon’s plans as we were close to Dolores Park and it was a beautiful day in SF (first warm day of the whole year!). We bought Korean-fusion bowls for lunch and decided to picnic outside. It felt so nice to sit in the sun and the grass and enjoy some Vitamin D.

Dolores park

Then, we walked around the Mission and ran some other errands while perusing in-and-out of shops. By the end of it, Joe’s pockets were exploding at the seems with goodies we bought, ha!

Afterwards, we headed back to Joe’s place and relaxed, watched tv, took a nap, and recharged after an afternoon outside.

Watering plants

In the evening, I planned a special steak-house dinner to celebrate the fact that JOE GOT PROMOTED!!! I was so happy when he got the news last week. Joe has been working so hard at his start-up job and it’s about time they gave him this recognition. I know how much Joe loves steak and so I treated him to a nice fancy dinner for the occasion. We had such a nice time sharing a bottle of wine, being bougey and enjoying each other’s company ❤

Surf n turf

The night ended with watching The Circle on Netflix (new social media reality show and SUPER addictive) while eating its-it ice cream. Perfection. 🙂

Sunday: Superbowl!

Admittedly, I didn’t even know which teams were playing the Superbowl until the morning of, and it turns out the SF team made it – woot! Me and Joe are not big football fans as we probably wouldn’t have watched a minute of the game unless there was a party involved. Luckily, Rene invited us to her boyfriend’s beautiful house down in Atherton. It was a 50 minute drive from SF and such a treat to get out of the city and be in an actual house. Rene went all out with 49-ers decorations, bbq, and drinks (always can count on Rene to throw a high-quality party).

Super bowl party

Most people at the party were Rene’s friends from Guam, some who I’ve gotten to know well and others who were new faces. Nevertheless her Gaum-y friends are always so warm and inclusive and it was nice to introduce them all to Joe!

49-ers gang

I just love these full weekends that I spend with Joe, where we have plans sprawled throughout but leave room for spontaneity. By the end of the weekend, I just wanted to stay in our couple-bubble forever. ❤

Hope you have a lovely week ahead! 🙂


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