Quick update + Happy Thanksgiving

I’m currently blogging from my phone in a tuk tuk in Kilifi, Kenya! 🙂

A quick update: there was an issue with seeing the pictures in my last post, but that’s been fixed so please feel free to check it out in it’s full version!

Also, I wanted to wish everyone a happy, fulfilling Thanksgiving whether you are with loved ones or not, and I hope you can find something to be grateful for today.

I am missing my family who are altogether in upstate New York this week, but I am grateful for this special point in my life where I can be a free wheel. My family has always been my biggest cheerleaders in life – I love you!

I’m also grateful for a year of starting a fulfilling job, safe and transformative solo travels this year (Philippines, Nicaragua, Kenya), a healthy body that is SO excited to train for Big Sur 2020, strengthening my existing friendships and starting new long-distance chapters, and lots of personal work towards self-love and reevaluating my view on relationships, which prepared my heart to meet my wonderful partner recently.

Lastly, I am thankful for this blog, and the support from my wonderful friends in the blogosphere. ❤

Have a lovely day!!

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