Abrupt transition + a very SF weekend + Ocean Beach bonfire

Hey there! I cannot believe it’s only been one week since my Philippines trip. The transition back to reality was quite abrupt, not because I’m not happy to be back since I do love it here and feel like I’m in a great spot with my life in SF, but more so because right when I came back it was nonstop excitement with activities, catching up with friends, work…SO much has happened in one week that I feel like it’s been a whole month since I was in the sunny Philippines!

I’m going to try and take a breather this week since I really do need some me time to reflect and catch up with my thoughts. This is always my favorite time of year: the start of summer – there’s so much to look forward to as me and the crew are packing every weekend with fun things.

By the end of the weekend, I felt kind of sad that the Philippines felt like such a far memory…My equilibrium is to move 1000 miles/hour but one thing I’m trying to do more slowww down. I’m really going to try and spend more time alone this week so I can process my trip. It makes me so happy looking at photos and thinking about my wonderful time abroad…while I’m grateful to come back to a life that I love here, it’s still a drastic change in mindset.

A heat wave hit SF this weekend which meant nonstop time outside, aka my happy spot. I caught up with Princess, Matt, and a new friend over dim sum first thing on Saturday. I told them all about my trip and we all shared the same excitement for our festivities this summer.

Then I headed straight to Dolores Park to soak up the gorgeous weather. Viggy, Karan and their college friends also joined the fun. The entire day was very “San Francisco” and the evening evolved in a very interesting way…let’s just say we got into a bunch of shenanigans ;). The rest of the fam joined later on as we chilled in Hayes Valley, and the night ended perfectly with dinner with Ben and Anna. A very interesting, beautiful, west coast day!

The highlight of the weekend was a bonfire at Ocean Beach. Anna and I got our fam together and we bought tons of snacks, drinks, and firewood for a day of beachin’.

Ocean beach is usually windy and cold, but the heat wave made it the perfect, comfortable, breezy beach to spend the day.

Very happy with the amount of time spent with these guys this weekend.

Building the bonfire was quite the feat. Turns out it takes approximately 10 city kids to build a fire. 😛

Sunset was to die for. ❤

The entire day was the definition of happiness. I think Ocean Beach bonfires are among my top 3 favorite things to do in SF – it never gets old! I feel very grateful to have such a strong home to come back to. Between lots of quality time with the fam and enjoying the SF’s natural beauty…what a fun, exhausting first week back. 🙂

Have a wonderful week, my friends!!

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