A rare day in Berkeley + deep house night + Lands End hike + weeks 6 and 7 of marathon training

Hey friends, how are you today!? I’m coming out of a pretty active weekend filled with some new activities as well as another two weeks of marathon training. My next race is next weekend, the Victory Half Marathon, and I could not be more stoked!

Let’s go over the weekend first:

Saturday: Volunteering in Berkeley + another kava bar + deep house show at Public Works

I got my long run done on Friday since I needed to be in Berkeley bright and early on Saturday morning. I recently signed up to be a tutor for Community Education Partnerships, a non-profit that mentors homeless children. We had training on Saturday in Berkeley, and it was so nice to meet the other volunteers and learn about different techniques to interact with children in such traumatic situations. I’ve always loved working with kids and strongly believe in the mission of education, and so I’m super excited to start as a regular tutor soon. 🙂

Berkeley is a cute college town and feels much less hectic than SF. I rarely spend time in East Bay and so I took advantage of already being there in the afternoon. I walked around and enjoyed the chill, hip vibes of Berkeley.

My best friend at my new job, Guillaume, lives out in Berkeley, and so we got together for lunch with his girlfriend, who I met at the holiday party in December. The three of us had a blast hanging out during lunch, and we also spent time at the kava bar in Berkeley afterwards. As this blog knows, the Kava Lounge in SF is basically my second home, and I’ve been dying to check out its counterpart in Berkeley. Overall, I loved the drink menu but prefer the atmosphere in the SF location!

Then I headed home, took a nap, ate some dinner, and then got ready for a night out. Artur and I caught up over drinks at Kava Lounge (so much kava this weekend!), and then we went down to the Mission for a dance party at Public Works. Public Works is SF’s most popular deep house venue; it was my first time there and it gave me nostalgia to my partying days in NYC. Flashback to when Christine/Phil/Scott and I would see a deep house show in Brooklyn almost every weekend! We stayed for a few hours and danced away to the techno beats. I’m glad I got out of the apartment for a fun night, but Public Works reminded me of why I left NYC and how I have kind of grown out of that scene…

Sunday: Lunch in the Richmond + Lands End hike with Rene

I woke up feeling 100% on Sunday! I did not have a sip of alcohol the night before which definitely contributed to feeling good. I was a bit sleep-deprived but that was all 🙂

For lunch, Rene and I got together in the Richmond for some Vietnamese food. Afterwards, we were craving to get outdoors (helloooo sunshine after a week of rain!) and so we drove to Lands End for an easy, scenic hike right in San Francisco.

Have I mentioned how happy I am to have Rene back?? She recently returned from a 6-month solo trip in SE Asia. Rene is one of those rare friends I really “click” with based on our love for travel; we never have a shortage of fun stories to share and it’s just so darn heartwarming to have her back in SF.

After our hike, I said goodbye to Rene and spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out at Kava Lounge. My favorite barista was working her shift; we caught up on our weeks and we had a heart-to-heart. So much love and good vibes to remember from the weekend. ❤


Weeks 6 and 7 of marathon training

Marathon training is just flying by. I can’t believe I’m already in double-digit long runs and up to 7 miles for my mid-week runs. Can someone slow this down please?!

One thing that been on my mind is how I feel like haven’t really built enough “mental strength” so far…maybe because I always run alone and go at my leisurely pace, but I haven’t had a super tough run yet where I felt like I had nothing left in me…I definitely count on having a few of those each cycle to simulate race day, ’cause we all know that mile 20 of the marathon is when you have to dig deep! In any case, next weekend is my mid-cycle half marathon which will be a good opportunity to push my limits.


Week 6

Monday: 3 miles (10:35 pace). No music, no phone. My legs felt stiff so the whole run was kind of a drag. But having no technology = I was appreciative of the beautiful pink/purple hues of the sky and water.

Tuesday: 6 miles (10:17 pace). Legs were stiff and sore from yesterday and my energy felt off…didn’t get much sleep last night. Although physically I felt off, mentally I was in a good spot – the sunrise was unreal.

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: REST

Friday: 10 miles (10:38 pace) before work! Felt great! Didn’t feel too hard at any point, but no running high. Morning sky was on fire.

Saturday: Skiing!

Sunday: Skiing!

Week 7

Monday: REST

Tuesday: 4 miles (10:40 pace). Sore legs from skiing so whole run felt slow.

Wednesday: 6 miles on the treadmill (avg 10:00 pace, but had lots of walking breaks + sprint intervals). I woke up NOT excited to run and was so sure I wasn’t going to do all 6 miles. I promised myself at least 3 miles, but every mile mark decided to add one more…even though I’m happy I finished the whole thing, I feel guilty for my thoughts throughout the run, as in being okay with giving up at any point. I didn’t really use the opportunity to build mental strength by having a more can-do attitude…does that make sense?

Thursday: REST

Friday: 12 miles (10:47 pace). Decided on a Friday long-run since the weekend is busy. My body felt “creaky” from skiing still…which was worrying. Went slow and steady and even got up the big Fort Mason hill! Like Wednesday, I’m disappointed with how “okay” I would have been if I didn’t complete the run…the whole time I legit thought I would just stop and quit before 12 miles, but just kept going mile after mile. Of course glad I finished but not feeling mentally strong.

Saturday: REST

Sunday: Lands End hike

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