First week back randomness and new routine

Happy first week of 2019! After flying back from New York for the holidays, I jumped right back into “normal life” in SF. Unlike the usual post-travel blues, I must say, it’s been the happiest I’ve ever been post-vacation. I think a big part of it is because the work days went by so quickly- I realized it’s the first time I truly say I love my job; I was really happy to be back at it. 🙂

A lot of my week was spent figuring out my new routine. For instance, I bought a scooter! I was getting so sick of the crowded SF buses and knew I needed to get creative with commuting to work…the scooter seemed like the perfect option since I can ride on the sidewalks and it cuts my commute time in half.

I also got AirPods from my parents for Christmas. I am 100% in love with them. I always thought they looked ridiculous but they are actually a super solid product. I’ve spent so much time and money trying different running headphones and these actually stay put in my ear. Got them just in time for marathon training, which by the way has officially begun! 🙂

My last product that I’ve been nerding out on is my new chemex. I’ve been wanting one ever since I visited the coffee farm in Colombia, and so I was so happy to receive this from my brother – it’s the last piece to complete my coffee collection! The coffee came out so clean, smooth, and sediment-free unlike the full-body and hearty brew of a French press. I will definitely be using it more!

It’s been raining non-stop in SF, which meant a lazy weekend spent mostly indoors. Friends have been trickling back to the city throughout the week, and I finally caught up with Kim and Sophie on Saturday. Girl talk + bubble tea by the fireplace = the perfect Saturday.

Princess, Janice, Sarah and I also got a Hawaiian brunch on Sunday. We caught up on our holidays and made some fun plans for the rest of the month!

And into another week of morning runs, scooter, work, repeat :).

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