Busy before the holidays: Kim’s birthday + girl’s Christmas brunch + Travis Scott concert + reminder of love

With the holidays coming up it’s been busy-busy over here! The social calendar was jam packed this past week – almost every day there was something fun going on! It’s a crazy time of year but I absolutely love it, and I can’t describe how much I’m looking forward to going back to New York at the end of this week to meet my family all together for the first time since last Christmas.

Now let’s talk about the weekend!

Friday: Ambitious crafts + Kim’s birthday!

The weekend kicked off with something fun and different – my team at worked volunteered at the Boys & Girls club in San Francisco. It’s an afterschool program and we were in charge of hosting crafts with the kids – they were so adorable and won my heart immediately. My craft was quite challenging as I tried to teach them how to sew this…

But most of them turned out like this, ha 😛

Right after volunteering, I headed over to Kim’s place to help her get ready for her birthday party! We first had a group dinner at a fun, contemporary Southern kitchen in SoMa. A lot of the crew I hadn’t seen since our Tahoe trip back in July, so it was a fun mini-reunion while also meeting some new friends too!

I’m so happy with the amount of time Kim and I have spent this past year. Our friendship grew so much and even led to getting close with Sophie too! So grateful to have Kim in my life ❤

Girl’s shot.

Later on, we headed back to Kim’s apartment to continue the festivities. Kim bought a ton of booze and food and we all kicked back and hung out some more. A fantastic, festive start to the weekend 🙂

Saturday: Plans gone wrong + kava community

Somehow I woke up not hungover on Saturday?!? I started off with a run to get the day going.


Later on…some drama went down and my plans that I was really looking forward to was basically ruined. I spent some time alone to process everything, and then after a few hours I decided it was time to get out of the apartment. I headed over to the kava cafe (surprise, surprise)…my week doesn’t feel complete without a visit there! I picked a great time to go because all my favorite friends from the cafe were there and we all caught up together; being with these genuine, kind-hearted friends lifted my spirits instantly. I’m so glad I’ve gotten ingrained in this kava community this year. I love that it is completely separate from the rest of my life and it brings me to meet people of all ages and walks of life…a breath of fresh air from the usual millennial crowd I associate with :P. Every time I go there is someone I’m excited to meet or catch up with. ❤

The rest of my Saturday I watched The Fix, a new show on Netflix that gets comedians together to talk about our world’s problems. Absolutely brilliant.

Sunday: Girl’s Christmas brunch + Travis Scott concert

Sunday started with a power yoga class with Anna. Flashback to when I first moved to SF and me and Anna would do yoga once a week together in the Mission. It’s been ages since we had a yoga date and so nice to also get some one-on-one time to catch up ❤

Afterwards, I rushed around to get ready and buy some ingredients for something fun in the afternoon…a Christmas potluck brunch with the girls!!!

Janice hosted the shindig – we all brought something homemade to share. I contributed bloody mary’s to the group to add some extra fun ;). We stuffed our faces while enjoying Love Actually (a Christmas classic) in our pajamas.

So grateful for these girls and all the love they bring into my life, especially after a tumultuous year for me. These girls stuck by my side through it all ❤ And happy we had one last get-together before the holidays!

After brunch, I went home and took a nap, and then got ready for the final event of the weekend…a Travis Scott concert with Karan, Matt, Viggy and Ben. Karan rounded the crew since Travis Scott is one of his favorite artists – I’ve actually already seen him before with Karan and Viggy ironically. Nevertheless, I was super stoked to party with the boys; it had been ages since our “fam” got together, and we definitely have the most fun when we’re raging together at concerts and festivals.


Travis Scott was AMAZING! Even better than the first time I saw him. His set was crazy lit. He even got a rollercoaster built in the middle of the arena!

The entire night was just what we all needed. We completely let loose and it was so nice to party together for the first time in a while. We even went back to the boy’s apartment afterwards to continue chilling on their roof…needless to say Monday was pretty painful 😛

So many fun moments to look back on from the past week. It was a sweet reminder of all the love I have in my life, definitely something I need to remind myself as it’s sometimes easy to dwell on what we don’t have in our lives (I know I do). This coming week will be just as packed as the last with events after work every day and also lots of errands before flying home – I can’t believe this is my last week in SF for the year! Next time I blog will be from New York!

Have a AMAZING week!!!

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