Spontaneous Sam Feldt concert + Oktoberfest + first A’s game + new friends at kava

Happy Monday! I’m pretty beat coming out of the weekend, a pretty crazy one filled with lots of booze and seeing friends (old and new).

Friday: Sam Feldt concert

On Friday, I met a new friend for drinks after work at my favorite bar, Jones. What originated as a low-key happy hour turned into a wild night after we found out that one of our favorite DJs, Sam Feldt, was playing in SF that night – we bought tickets on the spot and then had the next 6 hours to kill. We got dinner and more drinks in the Mission, pregamed a bit, and then headed over to 1015 Folsom for the show. It was my first time at 1015 Folsom and it turned out to be one of my new favorite venues in SF. I’ve sorta missed going to concerts (flashback to my NYC days when I went almost every weekend!). It was one of the funnest, most spontaneous nights I’ve had in a while 🙂


Saturday: Oktoberfest

I woke up on the slow side Saturday and fit in a 4-mile run before my usual “delayed hangovers” kicked in. Then, Kim and I had tickets to Oktoberfest at Pier 48 in Mission Bay and we headed on over for an afternoon of beer, beer and more beer!


The event was a big one – it felt like everyone in SF and then some came out! Started off with some sustenance before the debauchery began.


Kim and I met up with another one of our friends, who brought some more friends…and before we knew it we had a huge crew of new faces. Everyone was super welcoming and fun, and there’s nothing like each holding a liter of beer to bring you together :P.



The entire event was filled was so festive, with German-inspired decorations, costumes, music…I can see why people travel all the way to Germany for the actual event.


Sunday: A’s game + chill evening at kava

It was a little hard waking up on Sunday knowing I had another day of drinking ahead, ha. Sarah last minute had an extra ticket to an A’s game – I hadn’t gone to a baseball game yet in SF so thought why not tag along.

We met with Janice, her husband, and her coworkers in Oakland to start the day off with bloody mary’s. I must say, I’ve never been a fan of bloody mary’s until Sunday…is this a sign of getting old??


Then, we headed over to the Colosseum for the game! It was a beautiful day and lots of people came out to cheer on Oakland’s home team.


I was pretty beat after the game, but didn’t quite feel like retiring home, and so I headed over to the Kava Lounge for the rest of Sunday. I spent a lot of time there last week since work has calmed down a lot, and in a short amount of time made several new friends who were also regulars at kava. I went over on Sunday and saw some familiar faces and we relaxed, sipped our drinks, and unwinded through the rest of Sunday.

I hope you all have an AMAZING week!

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